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You too!

While I was going through the news items (mostly headlines!) in the daily I felt like saying, “You too?” when I was half way through a report.

After independence, there have been ever so many changes in place names ranging from small towns to capitals of states, according to the whims and fancies of politicians, mainly belonging to regional parties.

Of course, during the British period, many of the place names were anglicized and the original names were retained after independence. As a result popular names like Madras, Bombay and Calcutta became Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkatta etc. Even some of the popular Hill stations too, were affected by this trend.

Now coming to “you too”, it was the suggestion by one of the central ministers. He wondered why not we change the name of Delhi, the Capital of India? Wont it be appropriate if we call it either Indraprasatha or Hastinapura. The Minister was of course, wise enough to say, “It is just a suggestion”, in order to avoid any controversy over it.

Author: P U Krishnan

First things first. I am one of those retired chaps who are young at heart. I watch cricket matches and jump for joy when Tendulkar scores yet another century. I read newspapers and books too, though I am not crazy about them. I think I have a mind free from hatred and I owe it to the wonders of nature and music. I scribble something now and then and call myself a writer! Though I have settled in Ooty, a lovely hill station in Tamil Nadu—I must emphasize the fact that I was born and brought up in Tellicherry in North Kerala and studied in the good old Government Brennen College. Of and on, my mind goes back to my ancestral house at Tiruvangad in Tellicherry in front of an ancient Sri Ram temple. I am indebted to this wonderful place which inculcated in me a love for cricket and literature. But all said and done, I am an Indian first.

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