“Teek, Teek…” The familiar sound of the sparrows reminded me of that evening when we witnessed the massive inflow of those tiny birds from their far-off shelters encroached by the human beings. Simultaneously I also heard the long whistle of the evening train and it was time to say “ About turn, march!” but the continuous Teek, Teek of the sparrows prompted me to proceed to the thick bushes which served as a fence around the newly built house.
But, where were these thick bushes? Oh my god! I was standing close to that new building but these bushes were not to be seen but, still, I heard the teek teek sound which seemed to say, “Look at the new wall… We are down here… They have left a small tree untouched”. “Oh,…” I told those birds, “So, you have lost your 2nd asylum too!”