The Assembly elections are round the corner. The ruling Party and the main opposition Parties have well – equipped arsenals and they are hopeful of doing pretty well in the elections.
One of the smaller parties which is making its debut has some Unique ideas and its top leaders are eager to know how far their strategy to topple the government would work. So, an urgent meeting was arranged. The leader of the party reminded the party workers of their main strategy and he asked his followers, “what is response of the Ruling party to our slogan, “ No Rain, No Rain… what a Pain… ?”. one of them replied, “The minister says the sky continues to be white. Till it gets black, we will have to wait”
“That is a lame excuse… Let it be so. Let us tell the affected people of our plan”.
“What’s it sir?”
“We will make enough black paints and spray them on the white clouds, using the sprinklers” said the leader
All the leaders stood up and clapped their hands and the top leader said, “I am sure this will fetch a couple of seats for our party”.