“A beautiful evening during Fall when leaves were shedding at will and the Sun looked as smart!… I saw her!”, a few lines from a movie song which inspired me. I was scratching my hair, trying to recall a few lines from a similar song. Yes, I looked here and there to know whether I was alone in that park. Yes, there was no body, though a few squirrels were running here and there. I got it! Here are those lines;
“She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies. All that is best of dark and blue meet in her eyes and aspects. I kept on recalling such songs even as I was enjoying the evening walk. But, somehow or other, a latest news, not so pleasant crossed my mind and spoiled my mood, it was about a misunderstanding between a song writer and a singer. The former was in a bad mood when he criticized the singer. Anyway, the answer in my mind was, ‘Singer, not the Song!’