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Early morning or late evening?

It was bright and sunny. But it was difficult to predict whether it was morning or evening… yesterday or today! Even the birds could not make their presence felt. There were some people on the road but it was difficult to say whether they were on evening walk or morning walk. Anyway, I had just …

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Those good old days!

Twenty years have passed – Twenty summers with the length of twenty long winters. Again, I hear the waters rolling from the mountain springs. Yes, I was right in front of the Milk Union in connection with some personal works. Most of my colleagues have retired but those young chaps, now in their early fifties, …

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A blessing in disguise for Congress?

When Modi-wave was gathering momentum, one never thought that the congress party would pale into insignificance. The possibility of a coalition government or a tie-up between either of the national parties with a third front were haunting one’s mind. Though I am a congress supporter, I was almost sure that the congress would be discarded …