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An evening walk indeed!

A lazy mind may have hundred excuses to make it appear that an evening walk is worthless but an “adamant self” defies the order and pushes you out with a smile. The beginning of my evening walk on that day looked neither clumsy nor dynamic! So, off I went, enjoying the race between the farmers and construction workers. New buildings were coming up but not at the expense of the farmers who were working hard in the field. My only concern was the absence of birds who would fly around making some musical sounds.

Any way, when I found myself alone, I asked the birds, “what happened to those cows and buffalos?” and their reply was “Do you enjoy their rocky sounds and ugly look?”

Quotable quotes

At times, when my mind resists my temptation to write something interesting, I go through those quotable quotes in my Diaries. So, here are a few such items.
(1) “Children behold the chimpanzee
He sits on the ancestral tree
from which we sprang in ages gone.
I am glad we sprang; had we held on
we might, for ought that I can say
Be horrid chimpanzees today”

(2) “God loves an idle rainbow
no less than laboring seas”

(3) “obstinacy is the result of the will forcing into the place of intellect”

Oh, here comes more! :

(4) “Night conceals a world but reveals a universe”

Heaps of children’s books!

The standard of education at higher levels may vary, depending upon preferences of universities and colleges. As far as Indian universities or the preferences of senior students are concerned, job-oriented course have an upper hand (Doctors, Engineers or Business). It may be a cakewalk for the smart ones!
But, when it comes to LKG or UKG, the kids all over the world get in touch with umpteen varieties of animals, birds and multicolored flies (wild and mild!). On top of it, they get heaps of children’s stories which appear in several story books. Parents don’t have to recall old stories because there are hundreds of such books.
Some children are less interested in subjects taught to them but these stories and poems tempt them to study serious subjects as well.
Anyway, only few students show some interest in serious subjects taught to them but circumstances force them to choose some job-oriented books.
One wonders how most of the students ignore their childhood days!

Early morning or late evening?

It was bright and sunny. But it was difficult to predict whether it was morning or evening… yesterday or today! Even the birds could not make their presence felt. There were some people on the road but it was difficult to say whether they were on evening walk or morning walk. Anyway, I had just woken up and praised myself for getting up very early in the morning. And, as usual, I was getting ready to prepare my morning coffee when some one, at home, burst into laughter, saying that I was in utter confusion! “It is just a couple of hours since you had your supper”, but it appeared that a casual dream had put me in utter confusion!
Morning, afternoon, midnight… or just a dream!
After a couple of days, I managed to overcome the confusion and decided to avoid afternoon naps and other stupid things. But whenever I found myself in such a position, I made it sure to say every now and then, “Jet lag, Jet lag!”, though I am yet to overcome my utter confusion!

Just a few bucks… but!

“Paper, paper…”, it is a familiar sound which one hears once in a week. Now-a-days, we hear it only once in a month. He was the one who used to cover our area to collect old Newspapers once in a week or a month.

Now-a-days, he appears only once in two months. There were piles of old Newspapers in my house and I was waiting for his arrival to sell them enmass. The price of Rs. 15 per kg was quite acceptable and after a gap of three months, I ‘invited’ the chap to my house and he was very glad was when I called him. I brought out the entire collection of old Newspapers and he was very happy to weigh them as soon as he was ready for it. In fact, I heaved a Sigh of relief because the room in which I kept the papers was full of old papers lying scattered all over.

After weighing the papers, he quoted the rate, “Sir, it is Rs. 30 per Kg” “I am really happy because, the rate used to be Rs. 20 per Kg. isn’t it?”, “Yeah, but in those days, I was buying the old ones but, of late, I am just helping you to keep your rooms clean- so, you are the person who should give the amount quoted by me”.

“Get lost”, I said and went in.

Quotable Quotes

Sometimes when I feel bored, I take shelter in my “library”, not necessarily to read a book but just to turn the pages of my old Dairies in which I would have written some quotable quotes. Here is one of them under the title, “The chimpanzee,

“Children behold the chimpanzee

He sits on the ancestral tree

From which we sprang in ages gone

I am glad we sprang: had we held on

We might for aught that I can say

Be horrid chimpanzees today”

The other day, there lay on the floor of my bed room an old worn out newspaper… just a piece of it, I was about to throw it away but to my surprise, there was an article, under the title “ A poem for your soul”. It was an article about a poetess whose style was strange but interesting. The poem was just two lines long.

“there are feelings you haven’t felt yet

I gave them time, they are almost there”

It seems this poetess become famous…
But how?… I don’t know

Those good old days!

Twenty years have passed – Twenty summers with the length of twenty long winters. Again, I hear the waters rolling from the mountain springs. Yes, I was right in front of the Milk Union in connection with some personal works. Most of my colleagues have retired but those young chaps, now in their early fifties, were excited on seeing me! And gave me a warm welcome. They wasted no time in getting my personal work done.
But, after that there was a long session of embracing me and telling me of those glorious days when I used to mingle with them during our short intervals. Oh, my goodness, they were so affectionate that they delayed my departure from that office for more than an hour.
I was in a hurry to leave not because I had some other important work to attend to but I wanted to hide my tears.
Bye Bye, friends – Best of luck… and off I went with tears in my eyes and laughter in between!

It’s 50-50!

The lousy weather which had been in great form for several days disappeared after giving way to the much-awaited sunny days. Yes, the sky is blue to the core as the sun made the atmosphere warm and bright!
And yet, I was not able to fully enjoy the warmth of the sun or the beauty of the sky. Who else is responsible for making it appear like a dull day?. “You, You”, I told my self.
On that day, I was yet to escape from the grip of the afternoon-nap and decided to go out for a walk and there it was!. Like small birds my dull mind began to fly away and I felt as if I was in a new world.
And, when I regained my happiness my mind said, “Hi guy, it is 50-50”

A Breakthrough Indeed!

Writers of fiction and facts often get themselves stuck up somewhere and look around for a breakthrough. It could be a glorious evening and the accompanying sunset or small and interesting events which relieve them from monotonous hours and days.

I too am a writer of sorts or rather a self-proclaimed one! My way of getting a breakthrough is to go through my old diaries in which I had recorded many interesting events or some points.

But the other day, I got the breakthrough when I travelling in a taxi cab from Coimbatore to Ooty. We were on our way to Ooty from Coimbatore and had just reached the first U turn to the hill station. To our pleasant surprise we saw four wild elephants (untamed?) crossing the road and forcing all the vehicles ahead of us to stop. We were happy but anxious as well because it was getting dark. Fortunately, a lorry was slowly moving and the elephants could not move any further. Luckily, in 10 minutes we managed to cross the point where the elephants took another route.

Poles apart

“When to the session of sweet silent thought, I summon up the remembrance of things past”. These lines flashed across my mind while I was all alone at my favorite spot, enjoying the evening sky, the hills and valleys… the presence of several new houses, not withstanding.

Thinking that I was all alone, I repeated those lines a bit loudly. But, to my surprise, there stood a young man who too was in a mood to repeat those lines loudly.

Immediately, we made friends with each other and began to quote several well known poems which included ” Ten thousand saw I at a glance tossing their heads in sprightly dance”.

Then I asked him whether he was an English literature student. “Yes”, he said. Then, after a while, he began to weep. “Why, what happened”, I asked and he replied, “But my dad is totally against it… you know why?”

“Yeah, I know your dad. He has told me their story several times but I used to support you…” “OK sir, I am leaving… my dad is waiting for me near that…” Before completing the sentence, he left saying a loud “Bye!”

His father is known to me… not a friend as such but some one who I used to meet now and then… He is a building contractor.