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Amidst all these chaos and confusions

When it comes to politics, the people in general, see it as a trump card to bring about the necessary changes in society or to put pressure on the politicians during their 5-year term. Then, there are those who happen to be staunch supporters of certain parties and all they expect is the victory of such parties, no matter how beneficial these parties are. On top of them are tough guys who see politics as a ‘dirty game’. “All these politicians are ‘birds’ of the same feather,” they would tell you if you attempt a discussion on ‘current politics’.

Of late, I have developed a soft corner for these tough guys who see politics as a dirty game. Even the so-called principled parties who used to place prestige and welfare of the nation above everything else, find a sadistic pleasure in the mud-slinging game. They waste their precious time and energy on allegations and counter-allegations… and our news channels are ready to oblige them by blowing things out of proportion.

Yet, amidst all these din and buzzle, we also see hundreds of highly talented kids and youngsters in various fields and they do get the required exposure through various TV channels.

Avoidable Squabbles

“Enough is enough”, Suchithra said to herself, succumbing to her own weakness. She put her resignation letter on MD’s table when the lady was in the conference hall. Suchithra was the private secretary of the MD, Ms. Deepa. Both were smart and knew each other well, but they were still a bit suspicious of each other for a different reason. Quite often Suchithra felt the lady was bossing over her. Anyway, she was badly in need of an alternative job and she kept sending applications to various firms. Soon, she realized it was not easy to get a job and she regretted her impatient decision to throw away the one she had. At last, she received an appointment letter for the same type of job, surprisingly, without any formal interview. But soon she was in for a mild shock and surprise. She was to work for none other than the very same boss! Miss Deepa too was in a hurry to quit her former job because of some problems created by her crazy brother. So, it was back to square one for both…

One expected a twist like this in the wake of the resignation of Suchithra but the mega serial disappointed the viewers by making the incident a submissive affair. Suchithra heaved a sigh of relief when one of the officers tore her resignation letter to pieces!

Arise, Awake….knowledge is power

Child labor itself is a crime but the way they are punished for silly mistakes is found to be brutal. The owners of certain factories or workshops resort to third degree methods to extract work from kids, as was evident from a recent incident, telecast by major news channels. The ‘colleagues’ of a child who was beaten to death, revealed bitter facts that must serve as an eye-opener to the powers that be and the politicians as a whole.

The central and all the state governments in India should initiate immediate steps to collect information about the existence of factories, shops or any other places which engage kids to carry out odd jobs in their workshops. Simultaneously, the parents of such kids should be warned of the consequences. It is worth mentioning here that some parents are more concerned about the short term benefits than educating their kids despite the fact that all sorts of facilities are available to children who are poor and downtrodden. Naturally, it is not necessarily poverty which forces kids to discontinue their studies and opt for jobs which threaten their future.

Not on Home ground?

Like a fussy child, Vancouver rejects all the post-winter joys in favor of the wet and misty blankets to sleep under. Once in a while you experience the warmth and glory of the season but soon it is dull and wet. It may be a blessing in disguise for the late-risers but they too feel the pinch when they realize that it is an indication of a prolonged dull day. The pessimists are hoodwinked by the sudden disappearance of a seemingly dull day.

In short, it is not like a 5-day cricket match when top order batsmen concentrate in retaining their wickets and building up a huge score so that they can make sure of a draw, if not a victory. It is the 20-20 version of the game. Just when you feel that a team is going great guns, the wickets could tumble…

Last but not the least, even on a bright and sunny day, never tell you warm clothes, “off with you”, for an unseen cold wind might be in full swing!

Nature’s Gift

No runways for them. All they have to do is to look here and there for a while and flutter their wings to get momentum. And, in a jiffy, they are up in the sky, noiselessly crossing over to their destination. Rain or shine, they peck while they peck and fly when they ought to! Trees are their shelters but, of late, they have to spend their days on housetops, ready to swoop on left-overs thrown by human beings.

They are under several ‘brand names’ and each brand has its own color, habits and an indistinguishably same ‘language’ whichever corner of the earth they are in. So are the alarm-clock birdies who wake you up at 5.00 AM or 6.00 AM, and their calls never betray the country they belong to.

They are nature’s gift to mankind but how many of us enjoy their presence? The moment we see any of them in our courtyard or backyard, we are in a hurry to drive them away. Those of us who are keen on seeing them have to go to a park or zoo! By the way, how much wood would a woodpecker peck, if a woodpecker could peck wood?

Anti Corruption Pill

Friendly rivals and power sharing!

The people of certain states in India will get used to freebies of almost all items and the political parties [freebie specialists] facing future elections will have to invent new ideas. The parents will be less interested in the education of their kids; the marriages will be less expensive and the demand for certain ‘must’ items will vanish but the pressure will be in some other forms. Anyway, it will be wise to think of alternatives well in advance. How about constructing store rooms in every nook and corner to enable people to dump the innumerable free materials already received by them?…or making arrangements to accept second-hand [damaged] items at half the rate? At a time when rival parties have the same strategies, why not they sit together and agree upon a 50-50?—seat sharing culminating in power sharing. That is: Rival party nr 1 and nr 2 will exchange positions once in 6 months till the 5-year term ends. If they succeed in this strategy it will drastically reduce mental and physical tension!

On an all fools day, while I was shopping in a corner shop, a middle aged chap with a broad smile on his face dashed towards me and said, “Hi, don’t you remember me?” He was a total stranger and I paid him back in his own coin, “My goodness! After a long time…” I shook his hands and added, “By the way, how is your sister?” He seemed to be upset by my unexpected reaction and told me in a subdued voice, “Sir, I am born to be fooled…last year, I called one of my friends over the phone on the first of April just to say, “April fool” but he fooled me by saying “today is 31st March, my friend.” It was a lie but the fool in me prompted me to look at the calendar…”

“Anyway, I was not to give up and called one of my colleagues over the phone and said, “good news…we will get 15% bonus this year”. I expected “really?” from him but he said, “Yes, yes; we had a fax at 7.00 PM yesterday from the head office.” And, that was a fact, but I was not aware of it!” He seemed to come out with yet another incident but I said, “Ok boss, I am in a hurry”.

The crux of the matter is: one has to do the necessary spade work even to play a harmless joke!