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Quotable quotes

At times, when my mind resists my temptation to write something interesting, I go through those quotable quotes in my Diaries. So, here are a few such items.
(1) “Children behold the chimpanzee
He sits on the ancestral tree
from which we sprang in ages gone.
I am glad we sprang; had we held on
we might, for ought that I can say
Be horrid chimpanzees today”

(2) “God loves an idle rainbow
no less than laboring seas”

(3) “obstinacy is the result of the will forcing into the place of intellect”

Oh, here comes more! :

(4) “Night conceals a world but reveals a universe”

Heaps of children’s books!

The standard of education at higher levels may vary, depending upon preferences of universities and colleges. As far as Indian universities or the preferences of senior students are concerned, job-oriented course have an upper hand (Doctors, Engineers or Business). It may be a cakewalk for the smart ones!
But, when it comes to LKG or UKG, the kids all over the world get in touch with umpteen varieties of animals, birds and multicolored flies (wild and mild!). On top of it, they get heaps of children’s stories which appear in several story books. Parents don’t have to recall old stories because there are hundreds of such books.
Some children are less interested in subjects taught to them but these stories and poems tempt them to study serious subjects as well.
Anyway, only few students show some interest in serious subjects taught to them but circumstances force them to choose some job-oriented books.
One wonders how most of the students ignore their childhood days!

Hide And Seek!

It was a sunny morning when I was getting ready for my morning walk but when I opened the front door, I could hear a “Tap-Tap” sound which promoted me to carry an umbrella. Slowly but steadily it turned into a background music of a popular Hindi Movie. I got it! Unmindful of a few people here and there on the muddy road, I produced the memorable chayya–chayya sound and almost stepping like Shah Rukh Khan till I saw a youngster on the “U-Turn”, singing, “Kannu rendum utru..” without caring a damn for any comments from me. Instead he smiled and said, “First tunnel or the second?”. My answer was “How about you?”. We smiled and crossed each other. As the rain continued, I was about to ask myself, “To be, or not to be?” but, a well-known Autowallah gave me a lift till the Auto-parking space. The rest of the story began when the rain said “bye bye”. It was bright and sunny again!

Just Now the Lilac is in Bloom

It was a pleasant surprise to me to come across a few lines in a poem which resembled my own words written a few days ago. Of course, the style was not so similar but the ideas did look similar. Quoted below are the first few lines of the poem, “Leisure”

What is this life if, Full of Care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to see, When Woods We Pass
Where Squirrels hide their nuts in grass

Rain or shine, how so ever busy you are, won’t you please set aside an hour or so to watch wonders of nature. Just keep doing it everyday… You will certainly agree with that Poet.

Lets us find the cycle gap!

“The world is too much with us; late and soon Getting and spending, we lay waste our time. Little we see in nature that is ours; we have given our hearts away; a sordid boon!”
I do agree with the poet… we are so busy, that we see very little in Nature that is ours. Ok, at times, we have to keep ourselves fully engaged either at home or at our office to keep our boss or ‘madam’ in good humour. Ok, it need not be all work all the time. Don’t you find the cycle gap to watch the beauty of nature in the form of Sun moon and stars or those naughty ones whom we call birds?
But, as far as beauty is concerned, it could be every where if you have aesthetic sense. There are umpteen attractive things in this world but don’t you see those naughty ones flying hither and thither from the branches of small plants to those gigantic trees?. To spot them out, you have just to follow their, “Here, I am, Here I am” songs!

Oh, you happy-go-lucky beings!

No runways for them. They just look around and take off, and in a jiffy, they reach their destinations. It could be on a tree or on the top of a building. Their job is done as soon as they contact their fellow-beings over “cellphone” hidden somewhere in their beaks. You too can guess what the message is – “no water, no water”. Suddenly, you see another one taking off and landing on another building and you hear its message- “Dash, its here, its here”. I too could follow the message, “ Tank, tank Jel” could it be in ‘Hindinglish’ for tank and water?” they too are caste–conscious because when they pass messages, the response comes only from the follow beings. Some of us, to be frank still believe in feeding the birds of variant colours and sizes early in the morning but at the same time, we destroy their shelters (trees). Anyway, we the human beings love the birds, though it is thus far and no further for most of us. We used to worship some kinds of birds. Immortal lines of poets like Wordsworth, Keats and Shelly cross our minds whenever we see these charming birds. Of cuckoo, shall I call you a bird or but a wandering voice?

To Live and Let Live!

“Buildings, buildings everywhere but not even a nest to live”, the birds seemed to shout in their own sing-song voice. Oh bird, I do sympathise with you guys for the loss of your age-old properties spread all over the world but, as I look around the lovely park, the man-made buildings and your shelters are vying with one another to live and let live! We people love and respect you and enjoy your presence in large numbers. At times, we feel humbled as you ‘people’ fly hither and thither singing your favourite songs!
Anyway, I enjoy your presence in large numbers mainl because of your ability to move faster than us and your courage to face any situation.
While I was walking slowly along the narrow road, what resisted my temptation to have a look at those small gardens around the buildings was, undoubtedly the birds and the enchanting trees which sheltered them and of course the serene atmosphere. Several poems, good and old crossed my mind and the one I feel like repeating right now is, “I wandered lonely as a cloud that float on high over vales and hills, when all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils…”

I know not which way I must look…

As you step out of the house, you get a warm welcome (the bone chilling winds at times notwithstanding). The trees which invite you stand in a row, maintaining equidistance between them. You can rest assured of a couple of other things, a pond and those doves and ducks of all sizes.

You just forget the worldly affairs like the shopping lists you carry with you or an appointment with somebody, so that you stop here and there to have a glimpse of the floating birds or the flowery creepers who live happily on the slopes of the pond. Then there are a few giant sized birds (call them what you will) who are reluctant to move about in search of food… may be they are pondlords!

Before you leave this street take note of the nearby houses or some such things which would remain in your brain so that you won’t be confused when you comeback.

Having done this you may follow the road ahead or turn this way or that way. You will come across several ponds surrounded by trees and meadows and of course those flat footed birds – by the way, you don’t have to stand all the time, for there are benches fixed at strategic points.

The poet in you wakes up or those immortal lines of Wordsworth, Keats or Shelly come to your mind in a flash.

With all this don’t be under the impression that a Wordsworth or any poets of yore would be in a position to create something like,

“Behold her, single in the field,

Yon solitary highland lass!

Reaping and singing by herself…”

All these lovely places mentioned above are part of a small city in Netherlands!

When opportunities knock at your door…

A police officer and a couple of constables ‘marched’ into a reputed shop. Was it a raid or just a visit for shopping? I wondered. It was immaterial but I followed them to have a close look at the officer. My intention was to verify whether they were actually from the neighboring state [A  casual glance from a distance gave me the impression that they were from a neighboring state]. Yes, they were indeed from the neighboring state, as was evident from their badges. I left it at that and went to a nearby restaurant before proceeding to my house but even as I was moving forward rather mechanically, my mind was trying to recollect my college days and gradually it narrowed down to the ‘preachings’ of our English lecturer. “Make it a point to work hard to get a job to your liking… and don’t succumb to temptations”. His advice was mainly aimed at literature students. He wanted them to become poets, novelists or journalists. He was a junior lecturer and his literary articles and poems were published in top journals. Soon I came to the conclusion that the police officer whom I saw at that shop was none other than the above said lecturer. I must meet him before he leaves, I thought and returned to that shop. I was right on time. The officer was about to get into a car parked in front of that shop but stepped back when he saw me.

After exchanging pleasantaries, he took leave of me. Yes, I was right; he was the very same lecturer but seemed to have washed his hands clean off his pet views when opportunities knocked at his door—soon he was to become the I.G of police.

Of moons and planets

“She walks in beauty… like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies…” Amateur sky gazers create such immortal lines. Their affairs with Sun, Moon or Stars come in handy when they recollect emotions in tranquility. It is a riot of colors when the Sun announces its arrival in the morning or takes leave in the evening. Moon and stars have a different appeal. We would have heard about other planets and moons in the solar system, but our response to what cannot be spotted by our naked eyes is just a “wow!”

On the other hand, the interests of the learned astronomers go far beyond the fancies of poets and artists. They spend their time and energy on discovering what’s what about other planets and moons in the solar system and at times they pry into other systems. Jupiter and Saturn are much bigger than Earth and have over 60 moons each revolving around them. But the big question is: are they superior to planet Earth? – are there living beings and if so, how smart are they?

Shh… They may be overhearing us!