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The Man in a Hurry!

It was not yet time for the dinner but the couple were at the dining hall of that restaurant attached to that posh hotel.  Nevertheless they were given a warm welcome by the waiters.  There seemed to be no need for any introduction or other formalities.  The couple were led to a special hall which was almost dark but for a large candle light.  The waiter in charge read the menu and the couple simply said “OK, go ahead please”.

Item no.1 was brought immediately.  The waiter appeared again after 15 minutes and placed item No.2 on the table.  The lady seemed to be happy but her hubby looked restless and said “Time is ticking away.  We must be at home by 9 PM.  Let us ask him to pack the fried rice” but the lady got wild, “I don’t know why you are in a hurry …… it is not yet time for the climax as expected by you.  They will drag  on and on ….”

Anyway, the man asserted himself and told the waiter, “we are in a hurry would you mind packing the fried rice?  The desert?….. of course we’ll  have it right now and off we go”  the waiter heaved a sigh of relief and said “In ten minutes it will be ready.

And, when the packed item was brought, they snatched it and thanked the waiter before leaving.  They were at home a minute before the serial started!

Golden days

The huge wedding hall was jam packed and there was steady flow of invitees.  One of them, an elderly person who was in a “To be or not to be mood” decided to skip the function after some hesitation.  Another elderly chap who seemed to be his friend persuaded him to attend the function but he refused to budge and told him, “once you enter the hall, you’ll be trapped… it’ll be a long wait for the feast”.

“What about the gift you carry?”.

“There is another marriage next week… I’ll give it to them”.  His friend laughed and reminded him of the government rules in the early 50’s which restricted the wedding fest to 15 plates or so because of scarcity of rice and other eatables.  “Gone are those golden days…”  “golden days?”  the friend asked “yeah, those were golden days.  In  those days you did not have to invest any amount on gifts during the wedding seasons”


Golden days indeed!  Whether the feast was restricted to a few or ” free for all”,  gold reigned supreme in those days as well …… and it will be so far ever !