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The hidden art

When the nonstop rain withdrew from our area, much to our relief, the trees and plants of our area invited us to watch their dance program. I felt like saying, “You guys are just dancing to the tune of the wind which appear and disappear according to their whims and fancies.”
To my surprise, I heard the reply of one of the trees, “That means, you have no aesthetic sense or any interest in the role played by us (the trees and plants) in creating the movements required for various kinds of dances which keep you spell-bound.”
“Absolutely!” Be it Bharathanatyam or any Indian or western dance, each and every movement has something to do with these breathtaking movements of trees and plants.
Just watch them, you will realize the parts played by trees in various type of human dances!
Hats off to trees and plants! Cuckoos and Kuyils also deserve our praise for their songs!

Old order changes, yielding place to new…

“The world is too much with us. Getting and spending, we lay waste our time.” Man became alert to this warning and began to discover new things, using his/her ‘brain power’, aesthetic sense and curiosity. “If tiny birds can fly here and there, why not we?”, mas asked himself. All these things prompted man to pay attention to new discoveries, even to the extent of depriving job opportunities to educated youngsters.
In view of this, it is time to come out with a new warning, “The discoveries are too much with us, replacing machines in place of men and women.” We rob job opportunities from the up and coming new generation.
If we are smart enough, let us create a world wherein job opportunities and new scientific discoveries go hand in hand.
To get an idea about the reason behind loss of job opportunities, it is enough if we go to a railway station or some such offices where machines are taking care of everything! And, as far as those who are involved in essential services, we have to bear in mind that it is not fair on their part to resort to strike every now and then.


I am in you or in what you guys call ‘dream’. It’ll last for an hour tonight and as soon as I gather the information about your languages and whatever I want, I’ll be back to my planet which you call Jupiter. Our leader found me gathering information about your planet, your people, their discoveries etc. Frankly speaking, I fell in love with your songs, movies and cricket and wanted to have a firsthand knowledge about your languages and cell phones because we have to lead a boring or as you call it “dull as dust life” resulting from our fantastic knowledge about ourselves and other planets.
Oh, it is time to leave from your dream world… in a jiffy i’ll be in Jupiter. By the way, we don’t have names. I am the one and only chap with a name. Our captain named me “Earthborn” because he suspects that I am fond of you people and your planets. Anyway don’t try to get in touch with me.