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An exciting sight-seeing trip…

Even before one reaches the starting point of the sight-seeing journey, one gets an idea about what is in store for those who are eagerly looking forward to a memorable trip.
And, there you are!…in a world which gives a “far away and long ago” impression. The railway station, the train and the staff reminded the elderly travelers of the good old days. And, to some of us, it closely resembled the Ooty-Mettupalayam mountain train which chug along the narrow rail route, making every moment of the journey exciting.
Yet this 3 hour journey in “Rocky Mountaineer” was a unique and mesmerizing experience. Rocky mountains and gurgling waters were vying with each other as they appeared and disappeared at regular intervals. The entire route across mountains, rivers, waterfalls is an engineering marvel. The gentleman who described the importance of certain spots appeared before the passengers now and then to offer coffee and snacks to them.
The train at last stopped at the place called ‘whistler village’ which was one of the venues of the winter Olympics. One enjoyed walking around the village for a couple of hours or rather, till the return journey by the same train and it was exciting indeed!

If there is a will, there is a way

Following the recent power failure that brought everything to a standstill for a couple of days in Northern and Eastern Indian, some top journals have exposed the ones who messed up the situation, even as there was a word of praise for the “smart engineers who did a heroic job of patching things up”.
Resulting from various facts, the power consumption in India has touched an all-time high and the income from power supply is much below the expenditure incurred by various government owned electricity boards.
The reasons for the mismanagement of supply and demand are highlighted in these articles (in top journals) and remedies suggested. It is upto the politicians and certain lobbies to rectify the defects.
If there is a will, there is a way. All major political parties have to rise above petty blame games and initiate the necessary steps to overcome the hurdles erected by vested interests and regional forces which are so self-centered.

Inspiring indeed

The bespectacled orthodox lady was gathering some information from a ruffian. Both were speaking the same language but certain words used by them were Greek to each other, especially those abusive terms. Anyway, she managed to gather all the information from that chap whose parting ‘kick’ was inaudible! Then, it was soliloquy on her part. With a broad smile on her face, she said, “my hubby earns a lot, but the poor chap has to spend a lot on my sarees….all silk sarees…which should match the color of the bus I travel or the taxi-cab or my mobile phones. Hee-hee!”
As soon as the child-participant finished her quota, there was a thunderous applause from the judges and the audience…those who watched her performance on their TVs would have done the same thing. The child bowed her head to one and all, humbly repeating “Thanks-Thanks”. There were several other kids who participated in this competition and most of them were equally smart.
Hats off to the TV channels which give these kids an opportunity to exhibit their hidden talents and of course, to these wonderful kids who entertain the elders and inspire other kids!