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I am in you or in what you guys call ‘dream’. It’ll last for an hour tonight and as soon as I gather the information about your languages and whatever I want, I’ll be back to my planet which you call Jupiter. Our leader found me gathering information about your planet, your people, their discoveries etc. Frankly speaking, I fell in love with your songs, movies and cricket and wanted to have a firsthand knowledge about your languages and cell phones because we have to lead a boring or as you call it “dull as dust life” resulting from our fantastic knowledge about ourselves and other planets.
Oh, it is time to leave from your dream world… in a jiffy i’ll be in Jupiter. By the way, we don’t have names. I am the one and only chap with a name. Our captain named me “Earthborn” because he suspects that I am fond of you people and your planets. Anyway don’t try to get in touch with me.

Avoidable Problems

Certain recent not-so-pleasant political developments were flooding my mind with similar events and reactions but my lazy mind was succumbing to silly reasons to skip the issue indefinitely. Anyway I was lent a helping hand by the oft used proverb, “If there is a will, there is a way”.
As far as India is concerned an over doze of regionalism or impatience of the opposition parties and the consequent unrests cause unnecessary problems, much to the annoyance of peace-loving Indians.
By a remarkable coincidence I came across two articles written by me a couple of years ago… one of which is under the title “To Live in a Broader World” and the other one “Arise Awake”. There is a line or two about our sadistic News channels!

Long years ago…

A couple of books which I borrowed from the Nilgiris library last week still lay on the table unopened and undisturbed. I remember having read them more than a decade ago but when, at last, I took one of them ‘Prison and chocolate cake’ by Nayantara sahgal, Pandit Nehru’s niece or rather Vijayalakshmi Pandit’s daughter, I felt as if I was reading one of Jawaharlal’s books. Yes Nayantara seemed to have inherited Nehru’s style! Even as she touched upon India’s freedom struggle, she recalled her child hood days in Anand Bhavan when she was under the magic spell of her grandma who narrated stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana (Which invariably began with the usual “once upon a time…”

My mind does not permit me to concentrate on Nayantara’s mini autobiography because it prompts me to quote from Nehru’s books and speeches…..“Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny and the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge…”

So, friends, you will get a clear picture if you go through her book yourself!

Lest you forget…

Largest human nose ever recorded was that of an Englishman Thomas weders in the 18th century”  19cm long.

A visit by the world’s shortest man named Ping Pong brought sidewalk traffic on Manhattan’s busy 42nd street to a halt.  The 20-year old Chinese man in all of 74.6cm tall.

The Oxford University considers Indian students among the best in the world and would like more of them joining its campus.

Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik wins global award: His work… a polar bear on top of a globe praying, “Save my family” has won the Ist prize in a competition on “sculpture of global warming”.

Lalu cuts train-shaped cake on birthday 61st on 11-6-2008

Children’s utterances and misheard lyrics and stragglers:-

Hail Mary pillow case ( Hail Mary, full of grace)

sa-re-ga-mase acha (sare Jahan se acha)

Diwali to be a permanent annual feature at Trafalgar square – London Mayor.

I used to note down such interesting information in my Diary. On certain days, when I have nothing else to do, I casually go through the information recorded in my diary.  some are very useful and some very interesting.  Any way, it is a habit worth cultivating

Here is one more: “Unleash the talent, let the torrent of ideas flow, let originality rule and success follow. Indeed this is the time zone of the creative mind.  Ideas are thriving and new discoveries flooding the market.”

Thank you!

Friends, ‘Bloggers’ and well wishers, lend me your ears. I dedicate this to all of you. But for my limitations, I would have responded to your valuable comments and encouragements individually. Not that I was silent all these days but it was between me and me! “How nice of you! Really?” At times, I find myself on cloud nine! Besides this, I have made my own comments [in silence, of course] about your interesting blogs and have often felt that I am way behind you people.
Anyway, I’ll keep writing and keep reading your blogs and comments. There is no dearth of topics but the events that capture the headlines are not so pleasant these days. Violence and destruction of public properties will lead to unmanageable calamities…the prices of petroleum products will continue to shoot up and this will adversely affect the prices of food and other essential items. In view of this, even as the news channels are obsessed with events resulting from violence and destruction, we people will have to highlight the negative impacts of these events so that the people will become aware of the dangerous consequences.

Have some patience, please

Freedom of expression is one of the jealously guarded rights in a democratic country. We don’t have to swallow the government’s version of any issue. The rejoinder from the affected party pops up almost immediately. Maybe both are misleading but you are at liberty to accept or reject either of the two versions or both. The media people have the knack of blowing things out of proportion by clinging on to some off-the-cuff remarks made by some leading politicians. People are quite used to such gimmicks and they know very well that all these affairs will blow over in a few days.

Thus far, it is ok because these are just internal affairs of a country like India. But when a foreign dignitary is visiting our country, we make sure that he is extended a warm welcome in keeping with our rich tradition. They enjoy their visit and are even tempted to say a few sweet words about our hospitality. Their spouses dance with our kids and the whole nation is in a festive mood. If at all there are differences of opinion about a particular issue, we used to wait till the departure of that leader to air our views. That is how it should be.

But, of late, neither the politicians nor the media have the patience or manners to put off the unpleasant remarks for a few days so that it won’t hurt the feelings of the visitor concerned.

Of moons and planets

“She walks in beauty… like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies…” Amateur sky gazers create such immortal lines. Their affairs with Sun, Moon or Stars come in handy when they recollect emotions in tranquility. It is a riot of colors when the Sun announces its arrival in the morning or takes leave in the evening. Moon and stars have a different appeal. We would have heard about other planets and moons in the solar system, but our response to what cannot be spotted by our naked eyes is just a “wow!”

On the other hand, the interests of the learned astronomers go far beyond the fancies of poets and artists. They spend their time and energy on discovering what’s what about other planets and moons in the solar system and at times they pry into other systems. Jupiter and Saturn are much bigger than Earth and have over 60 moons each revolving around them. But the big question is: are they superior to planet Earth? – are there living beings and if so, how smart are they?

Shh… They may be overhearing us!

Hitch your wagon to the stars!

Smaller than the smallest and bigger than the biggest. Yes that is what the creator is [Anoraniyan… Mahatomahiyan… I don’t remember those Sanskrit words which gave us an idea of the almighty]. When you tend to boast of your abilities, your status etc at the expense of lesser beings, just think of planet earth which is so big and so lavish but at the same time too small when compared to the sun or the tiny-looking stars, some of which are bigger than the sun! When you suffer from inferiority complex, think of those smallest and unseen creatures which can make or mar anyone.

In everyone of us there is a scientist or a historian or a poet or an administrator or you name it! All we have to do is to identify it and work on it. You may succeed or not but there is no harm in making an earnest attempt. Curiosity, keen observation, aesthetic sense and respect and love for the big and small are the qualities which lead you to your goal.

All said and done, beware of the fanatics, selfish and the greedy elements who would mislead you and make your life miserable. Look at the stars, the rising or setting sun, the hills, mountains, birds… oh there are innumerable such things which inspire you. Your time starts now!

The need of the hour is…

“If music be the food of ‘peace’, give me excess of it…” be it classical or film songs, the best among them could lift you to great heights. Such songs, like the gentle breeze sweeps away the dry and useless leaves [thoughts] from our minds!

Everyone loves peace but something or the other pollutes one’s mind. It could be greed, jealousy or vengeance… and at various levels, culminating in some unpleasant events at national and international levels.

The other day, I was watching on TV an interview with the famous singer Nityashree Mahadevan who talking and singing a couple of lines from some of her film songs. Before concluding the session, she was asked to sing a few lines from an immortal song sung by her grandma and, while listening to it, I felt that the whole world should have listened to it! The song I am referring to is: “shanthi nilava vendum…” Oh lord, let there be peace… let there be absolute peace all over the world.

Yeah, that’s what we need. Peace, absolute peace.

Old order changeth…

Whatever may be the impact of globalization, it has created certain ‘look-alikes’ all over the world, despite the fact that the nations the world over could still be divided into developed and developing and underdeveloped countries. What used to be the monopoly of the rich and the upper middleclass are no longer so. Apart from television and phone, which used to be owned only by the rich and the upper middle class, even the vehicles are owned by the people of all classes… it is no longer bicycles for the ‘rich’ among the poor, motorbikes for the middle class and cars for the rich! On top of this, we have the all-in-one shopping malls which are making their presence felt and giving those who are on a shopping spree an immeasurable delight. They don’t have to prepare a shopping list before stepping into these malls or carry a few bags with them. Their ‘journey’ begins from vegetable stalls and end up in textile cabins or jewellery section. The average person does his job quickly by restricting himself to vegetables and provisions—some of them indulge in window shopping! But, all said and done, there are those who still prefer the retail shops which give them ample opportunities for haggling over each and every item they buy. The owners of the retails shops are smart enough to spot out the ones who bargain and raise the prices two or three times more than the actual rates. Such a customer would ask “how much is this?” “Forty five rupees/buck” the owner would answer casually. “That’s too much. I’ll pay twenty five”, the customer would be emphatic. “You are a regular customer and I don’t mind the loss. Ok, make it thirty”. The customer applies the same strategy for other items as well, much to the delight of the owner. The ones who do not bargain get the same items for a lesser price, but the ones who bargain derive an artificial pleasure from the deal; something you cannot dream of in a shopping mall!