Month: March 2010

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Knowledgeable and Dedicated Politicians – The Need of the Hour

I get e-mails once in a while, mostly from my own kith and kin and invariably in the form of greetings on New year’s day or other festivals or on my birthday. But, the one I got this morning was different. Her highness (the sender) has touched upon a topic which is connected with the …

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Empowerment of Women

Gender discrimination will soon become a thing of the past in India, for the Women are fully utilizing the opportunities available to them on all fronts. They have proved their mettle in Education by doing better than boys, not necessarily because the boys are less intelligent but because it is not all-studies and No-plays for …

Politics in India


Demonstrations, strikes etc may be the prerogative of the people in a democratic country but, when they turn violent and destructive, it makes a mockery of democracy. In a two-party set up there may be heated debates but they never spill over to the streets. But, in a country like India where there are umpteen …