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On a safe wicket

The pitch was ideal for the protagonists [Team?] of “less clothes, more comfortable”. And, they were going great guns, attracting even the ones who would protect themselves head to foot, rain or shine. The day starts at 5.00 AM; and from 6.00 AM onwards only the clock can tell you whether it is noon or evening. If you are getting ready for an evening walk or to spend an hour or two at the nearby parks with your kids, you need not be in a hurry, cause, it will be as bright and sunny at 9.00 PM as it was at 6.00 PM!
When the “rain, rain, go away” people seemed to be in ecstasy, the true color of the city brought an end to the prolonged innings of the sunny days and it was rain rain all the way but the next day the sun reappeared with a message, ‘it is only a short break, my friend… Be patient”.

Old, but new!

I have seen it umpteen times. And, here it was, yet again. I thought of skipping the scene but on second thought, I let the hero defend himself in his own inimitable style. Though it was a court scene, the accused [the hero] seemed to make a spirited speech. As you might have guessed, the hero was none other than Sivaji Ganesan and the said movie hit the scene in the late 1950s. The volume was so low that I could not hear a word of what he was speaking and when I raised the volume, I burst into laughter! “If not bournvita, I’ll ask for complan, if not dosai, I’ll ask for poori, if not margo soap I’ll demand sandalwood, if not a bike, I’ll opt for a mini car. And, when I watch TV, I’ll insist on a remote.” In short, it was a lengthy list. Remixes and things like that are producing bags of entertainments from hit songs of yore much to the delight of the old and the young. The producers of such fun also create a serious scene into a hilarious comedy.

You are in USA boss

“Regupathi Raghava Rajaram…” “Sare jahan se acha..” “Jana gana mana…” I was chanting these mantras, sitting on a bench in the park minutes after I bowed my head before the Lord…or rather the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in front of the Indian embassy in Washington DC. We came across other embassies as well while we were on our way to the Indian embassy. But our main agenda was to see the White House and the memorials around the president’s ‘palace’, apart from the Supreme Court and other buildings connected with the administration of the big country, the USA! Surprisingly, the city was calm and charming surrounded by parks, neat and broad roads and sidewalks. The sky scrapers associated with modern cities were few and far between. I was more interested in the history of the city rather than the geography.
Then came our visit to New York by train. Here again, rural ambiance overshadowed the expected boredom of modern cities! But appearances were deceptive. The moment we reached New York, we had had the taste of a gigantic city which forced us to say, “you are in USA, boss”!