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Peace and Prosperity

What the world needs now is peace. By peace I do not mean silence and meditation. There must be scientific discoveries, developments on all fronts and elimination of poverty.
Democracy may be the best form of Government but it should rise above frequent quarrels, walkouts and oneupmanship.
Let there be friendly competitions between political parties and even between neighboring countries but the sole purpose should be to climb up and up to the Himalayan heights. Even when you are way behind you should draw inspiration from the winners!
Let there be umpteen religions but the followers should live up to the expectations of those who love peace and godliness.

A Pleasant Surprise

After a post-lunch cat-nap, I woke up and had a cup of coffee and left the house to get some domestic work done. Though it was bright and sunny, it was a fifty-fifty experience since the winter sting was making me matter of fact. “Will the 30-minute walk to an office serve any purpose?”, my mind kept on nagging me.

And, as feared, the afternoon walk did not serve any purpose and as I was returning, the steep road ahead was haunting me. But to my pleasant surprise, a passing car stopped and the owner opened the door and let me in. In a few minutes, I was back home but the minutes I spent with him was so inspiring because he was taking about the Nilgiris Library and about his plans to attract more people to the good old library. I gave my suggestions too and he repeatedly said, “You and correct, you are correct, you are correct”…

Back home, I was carving for a cup of coffee!.

Will congress bounce back?

Will Indian National Congress fade into oblivion or bounce back before long? The answer is, it will undoubtedly stage a come back and will be at the helm before long. “A wishful thinking?”, you may ask. Not exactly, if the leaders and party workers are able to convince the people that India’s steady progress on all fronts after independence was due to innumerable welfare measures introduced by the congress under the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru and his colleagues. The 5 years plans helped us to overcome food scarcity and enhanced employment opportunities, not only for the so called forward communities but also to the SCs and STs solely because of reservations and free education. If we can be proud of white revolution and Green revolution, the credit goes to the congress. Of Course, gradually, all these reputations were hijacked by smaller or regional Parties.

Invigorating songs

“My eyes were wide open. Yet I saw a dream… all because of you.” One of my favorite movie songs was on the air and I crossed over to the other side of the busy road and positioned myself close to a shop which sells items connected with songs and movies.

All my irritations paled into thin air as I was enjoying the song. Soon I found myself in a “To be or not to be” situation. The next song was also good but it got submerged in the noise of a heavily loaded lorry. It was green signal to leave the place towards the provision shop and I finished that job quickly and moved on. May be because of that invigorating song, I did not feel tried as usual and skipped the auto rickshaw and walked all the way to my house. Indeed I could save some money.

Trees or Buildings?

“Chip of the old block… This hill station has umpteen mind- blowing scenes… Right now, the sun set and the evening sky… The happy-go-lucky trees and plants dancing to the tune of the unseen wind…” The lady seem to be upset over the behavior of her son and his look-alike father!

“Mom, what the hell are you doing there? Look at those hills and valleys… hidden by those newly-built big houses…”

“You and your down-to-earth dad enjoy the ‘sight’… the beauty-killers… shit”. The lady retorted and moved on. Meanwhile, I poked my nose and said, “Instead of Ooty, they could have chosen some big cities” and she smiled and said, “That was their plan but I…”

It seems most of the tourists, these days, have set their eyes on the new buildings!

Problems galore

In a democratic country like India political rivalries loom large and the people have to face all sorts of problems in the form of frequent demonstrations, strikes and violence.

Those who indulge in such activities (mostly on filmsy grounds) are not in the least concerned about the problems faced by the people. As far as the political parties are concerned, they have different strategies on such occasions depending on whether they are in power or not. A solution to such problems could be found if the major political parties are prepared to rise above petty rivalries.