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At the mercy of smaller parties

At a time when coalition culture is at its peak in India, the birth of new parties at regular intervals force even the popular national parties to seek the support from the smaller parties on their terms and conditions, even at the expense of the policies of the senior parties.

Among the new parties are a couple of highly principled parties whose leaders are bent upon introducing new bills to save the nation from the clutches of corruption and other evil practices with a view to empowering the people.

When there are plenty of rules and regulations, what matters is the implementation of such rules in an honest way.

In view of this, senior politician of the national parties must be honest and bold enough to tell the people as to why the nation has to face certain problems especially the frequent increase in the prices of certain essential commodities so that the smaller parties would not mislead the people.

Hunger strike

The other day I happened to meet one of my old friends. I liked him because he was always against strikes, demonstrations and demolition of public properties carried out by the puppets of certain political leaders. “These chaps are always fighting for their rights and it is demands, demands all the way. What about their duties?”.

The only problem with him was, he used to express his anger loudly and cursed their leaders in a vulgar language.

So, when I saw him after a gap of two or three years, I expected the same reaction from him against one such demonstration going on at the usual venue. There was a hunger strike and when I opened that subject, he smiled and said, “oh, it is a hunger strike. I like these guys. There must be hunger strikes by these chaps all over India,every now and then” “Why?” I asked, unable to understand his present attitude.

Then, he replied, ” prices of essential commodities are sky rocketing — when we have such hunger strikes, the demand will go down and the prices too”. “sure, sure” I said and moved on.

The long whistle!

A girl aged 14 and her elder brother aged 16 were eagerly waiting for their father who was about to return home after the days work in a paddy field. The mother seemed to be busy in the kitchen, preparing some sweets in appreciation of the good performance by the kids at school. They are living i n one of the huts in the slum area and the two kids never mingled with other kids in the neighborhood because they had higher aims.

When their father returned home, the mother told him, “you have a good news… Shanthi gets first rank and Selvan is junior sports champion”. But his response was just “uhm uhm” followed by a silent soliloquy, “ good performance means higher studies… more expences…” They belong to the so – called socially and economically backward caste and there was no question incurring more expenses but still, he thought it was time to say “enough is enough”. So, he called his children aside and told them, “so. Shanthi has done Pretty well and Selvan is a champion. Well and good! If you continue your studies, you’ll have to wait for 8 to 10 years to get a good job. So, from tomorrow onwards, you are not students. Selvan will come with me every day to that land lord’s Paddy field. Shanthi will learn cooking”. The children were upset but the father blew the long whistle…

We see such incidents in Mega serials on TV and we cannot dismiss them as “unrealistic”