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All in Moviestyle!

“You are all smiles.  What’s cooking?”,  The inquisitive old woman asked the teen age girl, next door.  “Nothing grandma”, the girl replied,  thinking that the old woman would leave it at that, but the old lady provoked her by saying,  “was it for nothing that chap brought all those fruits and flowers… that too on a silver plate?”.

The teenager seemed to be happy with that question and said, “grandma, I have made it clear to him that I see him only as a friend and he too treated me as his friend… but I don’t know why he… ”  Before she could complete the sentence, a ruffian who over heard this conversation shouted, “grandma, if that chap visits this place again, I will blow him to pieces”

I don’t know what happened afterwards but one thing was certain.  The youngsters in that slum area are the fans of some movie stars.  Their way of dressing, conversations and behavior were similar to what we see in the present-day movies!

“Old Order Changeth…”

The protest was against a steep fall in the prices of vegetables and a few other essential commodities. The local leader of a political party had just finished his first round of heavy meal in company with other party workers. He stood up, mike in hand and started his second round of speech, “I have just been informed that heavy eating has been a big success. Well, I want all of you to go home, at once, after buying vegetables and other food items at high rates and have a heavy lunch, to start with. If prices do not shoot up we will resort to indefinite heavy eating…”

Do not get confused. Before long, Activists or politicians will have to switch over to some unique form of protests. Right now it is fasting in the wake of Anna Hazare’s success. But fasting will soon become an ‘old craze’ or an unpopular way of protests. May be, instead of fasting, these leaders will resort to heavy eating to help retail merchants overcome price fall!

If there is a will, there is a way!

He was lean and somewhat tall, walking hand in hand with his wife who was not so lean but not bulky either. I noticed them only when he lifted his right hand to wish me “good evening”. I simply smiled and moved on. He was neither a friend no an acquaintance. So, naturally, i was confused about his friendly smile and gesture.

It was a slight distraction during the evening stroll. I do come across friends and acquaintances and once the formality of wishing each other is over, I let my mind wander. But, on this occasion my mind remained focused on the couple. The Multicoloured evening sky or the heated arguments in the shelters of the birds or the music created by the gentle breeze failed to inspire me. At long last, my struggling mind tossed up the word “Darshan”. Yeah, I got it. Darshan is the name of the house where the couple lived but they have changed beyond recognition. The very purpose of their evening walk was to reduce their weight! And, they have succeeded. The two over-weights have become lean and good-looking in a year’s time! By the way, it is over a year since I saw them last.

When you are overenthusiastic!

It is nice to have guests once in a while, preferably on Sunday evenings when you wont have any interesting programs on TV and you can have some snacks you relish. If your guests are elderly couples, it will be a smooth affair. But if they are younger ones with kids (naughty ones) you have to have an eye on them, for they would be meddling with things kept on the table. At times, you have inquisitive guests who are in the habit of extracting personal and domestic facts which you would like to evade. I like those who would be satisfied with Lokpal or other issues.

The other day, while I was on my way to the town, I saw my friend at his house, engaged in a cleaning operation in anticipation of some guests. His wife too was doing her best to give an impressive look to the house and the surroundings. The next day when I saw him at his house, I asked him about the expected guests. “Yeah, they were immensely happy, everything was clean and tidy and we won their appreciation… but…” My friend was reluctant to go further.

“But what? “ I asked.

After some hesitation, he said, “My wife is a bit disappointed. She was so much engaged in dusting and sweeping that she forget to change her muddy out fits… The expensive dress she wanted to wear on the occasion remained undisturbed!”


Language is supposed to be one of the binding forces. Wherever you are, if you come across some one who speaks your language you side line other factors like caste, religion or status and make friends with that person.  One’s attachment to one’s language is such that, no matter how insignificant or unpopular one’s language is, one would glorify it at the expense of other languages.

But, this deep attachment is visible only when a person is away from his native state or when someone from his state is playing for some national team (sports & games) or holding some top posts.  Within the linguistic state, language is sidelined in favour of religion, caste or politics.  Apart from this, a single language has many faces and is treated like strangers.  The only binding force is the script and to some extent the literature.  It is applicable even to popular languages like English.  As we all know, there is English-English, American-English, Indian-English and so on..

Change of Ownership!

“They have reduced the rate. But what use?” Before he could complete his sentence one of the customers interrupted, “Most of the major channels have disappeared. Now we have umpteen hitherto unheard of channels.” A third chap was getting ready to express his anger against the cable TV service, now taken over by the government, when an elderly man Aired to pacify them by saying “May be in a couple of days everything will be normal…” A young chap cut him short and rushed towards him saying “No chance Sir. You’ll have to forget this new setup“
All my hopes vanished into thin air when I heard this heated debate at that tea shop.
Before long I could witness another debate. “Who asked them to take over a well-run arrangement?” There were several people before that petty shop. Here every one seemed to be highly disappointed over the disappearance of their favorite channels.
When I was about to reach my home, I heard an old woman cursing the new arrangement, “Now they have reduced the rate but what do you see? Other women used some unprintable words.
One thing is certain. People in this hill station are highly disappointed over the new arrangement and the disappearance of major channels. Unless something concrete is done to restore all the favorite channels, people will he highly disappointment or they will opt for some reliable arrangements.

Tit for tat

On top of a couple of festivals there were the weekly holidays as well. Ooty was crowded. The natives were on a shopping – spree, though some of the shops were closed. The tourists had one basic question, “What are the important places here?” or “How far is Rose garden from here?” of course, the youngsters had a different question, “Is there a wine shop around here?”

On one such day i was trapped in a ‘Human-Jam’ and had to move on slowly. Just ahead of me was father and his son – The mom and sister were following them behind.

The son stopped for a while near a cycle shop and said, “Dad, look at those cycles — Very nice…” The father was not interested in it and responded with a ‘ooom’. The son was disappointed but he saw something else in another shop but the father repeated those ‘ooom’. The son seemed to persuade his dad with a couple of other items and the father did his ‘ooom’ cleverly and moved on. Then, at last, the fatehr stopped in front of a Bookshop and said, “Revi, here is a bookshop. They seem to have some wonderful collections.” Before the father could complete his words, the son responded with a ‘ooom’ and walked on. His mom and sister mocked the ‘ooom’ and laughed.