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Why this?

Why this Avasaram, Avasaram, Avasaram Di

Lovv u Brinjal at this age not goodudi

if i reject his offer… Thousand dames in the queue Daddy.

No dowry, no dowry saiddu he dad

Ok, then, marriage next monthu di

‘Why this kolaveri’ has shot info fame overnight and it is triggering creativity is youngsters and grandpas alike.  the above lines are an attempt by some students who are on a visit to this hill station.  It seems a boy and a girl among them were in love with each other and their friends were reminding the young lovers of the girls father who might be a tough guy!   while these youngsters were discussing the pros and cons of the love affair, one among them came out with his own version of  ‘why this, why this…!‘  Then they began singing and dancing till another guy came out with “why this poramai, poramai…

Let us hope for the best

That narrow by way is a short cut to the main road leading to the bus stand.  A brisk walk along this way to the main road takes just five minutes but in my case, it could be 20 minutes or more, depending on my mood,  it could be upbeat when the sunset and evening sky create those magic moments!  with rows of hedges on either side of the path, and tall trees have and there, it is not that easy to get a clear view of the setting sun or the colours left… behind by the setting sun.  Yet, I manage to find a gap to watch those magic moments.

The other day, to my pleasant surprise, the entire western sky and the setting sun were visible without any effort !  “How come?”, I asked myself.  The plants which served as a fence to that good old house have been chopped off.  And, I could see a vast meadow in front of the house which was only partially visible till the other day.  I did enjoy all these changes for a while but there arose a question, “was this the first step to clear the way for new houses”  will these hedges give way to concrete walls to protect the new houses?  Unthinkable..  Let’s hope for the best.



“Jasmine Big Six? Oh no… Let us not talk about it. Right now, we are looking for a taxicab. No…Last time we paid Rs.1200/- Now, one guy has agreed to take us around at half the rate. It’s biting cold up here: We’ll return tonight”. They were tourists, no doubt. May be they had come to this bill station at the wrong time. The guy who was talking to some one back home, was using several code words like “Jasmine Big Six now and then, not loudly of course.

Gone are the days when we considered ourselves as children of Mother India. There were several local festivals even in those days but we looked forward to Independence Day and Republic Day. The national songs like Vande Matharam or Janagana Mana were such bindings force that we believed that the formation of linguistic states were just for administrative convenience. Now, everything has gone upside down. How I wish we have some one like Gandhiji or Nehru or other Gandhians amidst us!.

I still remember those wonderful days when Jawaharlas Nehru used to tell the children, time and again, “Oh, how lucky you are! Whichever state you belong to, you are all Indians. You are the Children of this vast country and you are at liberty to live in any corner of India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Now, the influence certain regionalists have badly affected the people and they treat the neighbouring states as neighbouring nations involved in some border problems.

Unity in Diversity! [FDI]

You have dumped several items into the trolley and you try to recall some of the important ones while proceeding to the cash counter; “sambar powder, idly powder, mango pickles, raw rice, curry masala, coconut… pooja items.. yeah, camphor, betal leaves…”.  Then place them one by one the desk.  The owner’s fingers dance on the calculator and he says”50 Dollars” and adds “Madam, the other day you asked for Toor dal and Tamarind… it’s there”.  You pick them up from one of the shelves and he collects 58 dollars.

As you are getting ready to leave that store, the gentle man at the counter asks, “would you like to hire a taxi cab?.

“Yes, tell him to take us to that  vegetarian restaurant… we will have our supper there.

The taxi wallah drops you at the said restaurant and collects 10 dollars.  The waiter put the menu card on the table..   You choose idly-sambar, ghee roast and coffee and in ten minutes, they are on the table.  And, as soon as you wash your hands after eating these delicious items, you get a bill for 29 dollars.  You pay 30 dollars and leave the place.

By now, it is clear you are some where in North America.  Even if you are somewhere  in Europe, you have all these facilities now-a-days.  There are Indian stores in all these foreign countries.

My question is, when Indian stores and restaurants, selling Indian goods and dishes are there in almost all countries, why are some people in India {specially, politicians} so upset when foreign retail shops are permitted to function in Indian markets?  Is it just a habit of saying ‘No’ to anything that comes from the ruling party?  When it comes to opposing the government policy there is remarkable unity among opposition parties!.