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“Oh, a cheeky single…. sachin just managed to cross over before the ball hit the stumps”. Sachin was just four short of his century and there was one over left before stumps. The bus in which we were travelling entered the Mettupalayam bus stand.I hurried to the nearby Teashop to watch those exciting moments. there was a huge crowd in front of the tea shop but i managed to position myself n such a way as to get a clear view of the screen. Sachin ignored the singles and twos and there were just two bowls left. When he hit the fifth ball of the last over, the focus was on the ball. A fielder dived to stop it but …! oh, Lord, it crossed the boundary. That was one of his umpteen centuries!The conductor of the bus patted me on the shoulder and jokingly said, ” So, shall we go?” The man who carried a transistor with him switched it off and followed us.

There have been such anxious moments on several occasions when he kept on piling up runs and breaking the records of several top class batsmen.He became a role model and many of his followers managed to find their way into Indian team.

Sachin became nervous at times, not because he was out- of-form on certain occasions but he was unable to live upto the expectations of his fans.

I was so upset when I heard the other day that he was bidding good- bye to ODI. The only consolation is that he will keep playing in 5- day matches. I have great respect for other players but Sachin is Sachin.

Glorious Uncertainties!

Cricket is said to be a game of uncertainties and this saying has come in handy for some of us to explain away the humiliating defeat suffered by India at the hands of the visiting English team in the 5-day matches. As far as matches played on home grounds are concerned, India used to have an edge over any team, but, on this occasion, we have to take shelter under the good old saying “The game of uncertainties”. And, close on the heels of this humilitating defeat, came our convincing victory against the same team in T-20 match… as if to prove this theory of glorious uncertainties.

Now, it is time for our players to look ahead, leaving all such theories behind and cling on to “Practice makes perfect”… The ODI matches are round the corner!

Good Samaritan !

“Because you are alone and looking here and there, I thought you are in need of help…now it is past six ‘o’ clock and this area is not safe for a young woman like you…”. I became curious because that chap was speaking in my native tongue but I could not see anybody. I was walking on a narrow road adjacent to the backyard of a posh hotel in a remote area. There was no wall as such but the yard was encircled by trees and bushes. I would have moved on but the language he spoke held be back. Now it seemed to be the turn of the girl, “Did I ask you for your help?… I know you guys and what you are upto …” Before she completed her sentence, he interrupted ” Don’t misunderstand me. You look like a stranger … sorry, Don’t cry”… He stopped suddenly when some one shouted “cut,cut…. sowmini, dash towards him when he says “sorry, sorry… pick up one of those sticks…

Then Renjith should turn ..”

Now I realised what was going on. It was part of a film-shooting. The earlier parts of this movie were shot in front of that hotel. They have been there for over a week and I have seen several cars and a couple of buses parked in front of that hotel. Most of the earlier shootings took place between 8 and 9 pm and I had seen them from the balcony of my house!

What’s in a name?

I prefer random reading between lunch and siesta. Newspapers are flooded with vexing reports about scams, protests, election strategies and all those occurrences which are not suitable when your intention is to catch a cat-nap!

Usually, I pickup some old journals or magazines which set apart enough space for jokes or some light articles.

The otherday,while I was getting ready for a catnap after lunch, the latest issue of one of my favorite magazines was lying on my bed and when I casually opened it I saw the feedback of an article which appeared on the previous issue. It was a critical piece on a popular annual international award for literature. The complaint was that it skipped deserved ones very often in favour of less deserving writers and surprisingly one such author was an Indian for whom I have great respect and admiration. You would have guessed by now who that author was!

Bold resistance Indeed !

The sun set was just a few minutes away and I was on my way to that favorite spot from where I can watch the glorious moment, all alone. The spot was just a few steps away from that old, dilapidated house. Not long ago, this house was one of the well known ‘Shelter’ and it was occupied by a Landlord. Now, it stands isolated as several new, ultra modern houses have come up all around, making the entire area green – free!

I was at my farourite spot and my eyes were focused on the multicoloured western sky. The sun was slowly disappearing from the sky and I stood there as if I was in meditation but my attention got diverted by the starting sound of a car which was coming out of that old house! It was in expensive car and the man who looked out was very handsome and seemed to be rich too. He waved his hands on seeing me and stopped the car and alighted from it. “Hi, do you remember me?” he asked. Frankly speaking I did not remember him but I said, “Sure, sure …. By the way, are you going sell this house and land?” “Not at all”, he replied “This is my grandpa’s house and I don’t want anybody to demolish it and build a new one. This house will be there for ever and I will put up a board near the gate with the words, ‘House, not for sale’ so that I can put an end to the umpteen calls from crazy guys who are bent upon turning this charming place into a thickly – populated urban area”

“Oh, That is great” I said as he took leave of me with a board smile on his face!