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The change of roles

The woes of the ruling parties in India begin as soon the euphoria of their victory begins to fade. In fact, every ruling party after capturing power is in a hurry to make its presence felt by introducing new bills by deliberately ignoring certain policies introduced by the previous government.

Before long, the government realizes that what they witness in the parliament every day is noting but a replay of their own game which made the previous government (the present opposition) struggle everyday to get things done. The main job of the opposition is to stage a walk out at the opportune moment and mislead the people.

There is only one way to overcome such a scenario and that is to make friends with the main opposition parties at least at the fag end of their term!

Some Lessons for the Elders!

Elders have to learn a lot from children through the children though the children are advised to learn from their elders. Just watch the school kids when they return home after the day’s work. They may have different tastes and some of them may quarrel now and then but you can’t divide them on the basis of their religion, caste or social status of their parents.

One evening I was returning home after my evening walk, children studying in the near by school were also returning home. They were unusually happy and they were hugging one of their class mates. The mother of one of the kids who seemed to be very happy asked him, “why are you guys so happy?” and his reply did not make his mother happy because the reason for their happiness was, “Mummy Revi got the first rank in the exam”.

I came to know that usually the first rank goes to that woman’s son!

The strategy of the New Party

The Assembly elections are round the corner. The ruling Party and the main opposition Parties have well – equipped arsenals and they are hopeful of doing pretty well in the elections.
One of the smaller parties which is making its debut has some Unique ideas and its top leaders are eager to know how far their strategy to topple the government would work. So, an urgent meeting was arranged. The leader of the party reminded the party workers of their main strategy and he asked his followers, “what is response of the Ruling party to our slogan, “ No Rain, No Rain… what a Pain… ?”. one of them replied, “The minister says the sky continues to be white. Till it gets black, we will have to wait”
“That is a lame excuse… Let it be so. Let us tell the affected people of our plan”.
“What’s it sir?”
“We will make enough black paints and spray them on the white clouds, using the sprinklers” said the leader
All the leaders stood up and clapped their hands and the top leader said, “I am sure this will fetch a couple of seats for our party”.

Let not our kids succumb to self-pity

Though wonder-kids are few and far between we have talented kids in every nook and corner, mostly unsung or unnoticed. Among them, some are capable of creating opportunities for themselves without succumbing to self-pity.

There are several caste-based organisations which underestimate the talent hidden in those children and simply highlight their exaggerated backwardness and prompt them to ‘fight’ for their rights, thereby making them victims of self-pity.

The school children, irrespective of their caste or religion are friendly with one another but certain politicians sow the seeds of hatred among them and draw them away from the path of unity and urge them to achieve ‘greater things’.

There is only one way to save the children from the clutches of certain self centered politicians and the initiative has to come from broad minded and educated leaders who can instill courage and self confidence in our children to achieve their goals.

Those Mocking Birds!

The possibility of a summer shower in the evening was very much there and the people in this hill station were eagerly waiting for it but the unexpected wind blew away the dark clouds and the setting sun appeared with a naughty smile; prompting me to go out for the routine evening walk.

And , just when I was about to start, it became dark again and I was in a To be or not-to -be situation but I decided to take a quick walk and when I was half -way through, those small birds flew in from no where, saying “Fifty-fifty”.  I looked up and said, “ok” I’ll move on … Are you sure it will be 50-50? but they seemed to make fun of me by offering something I don’t like—-“Rain, Rain”.

May I help you?

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? From mid -November to the fag end of February these words would flash through one’s mind but, at times, the bone-chilling winter would slip into the next month as well,

Anyway, the summer has made its presence felt. There is a steady inflow of tourist cars and buses as usual.

The other day while I was walking along the Race course road, some youngsters parked their car in front of a restaurant. I too was there. When I listened to their conversation, I was sure that they were from my own native town which I had left more than 3 decades ago. One of them approached me and asked, “How far is the Boat House from here? and I told them, ” Take this route you’ll see the Bus stand and from there you will see a straight road which will lead to the Boat house” After thanking me, one of them said, “some 4 years ago we asked a guy the route to the Boat house and he directed us to proceed along one particular road but after 20 minutes or so, we were right in front of the Botanical Garden!” I burst into laughter much to the delight of his friends. They were not aware of the fact that the one who directed them to the garden was none but myself !.


“Teek, Teek…” The familiar sound of the sparrows reminded me of that evening when we witnessed the massive inflow of those tiny birds from their far-off shelters encroached by the human beings. Simultaneously I also heard the long whistle of the evening train and it was time to say “ About turn, march!” but the continuous Teek, Teek of the sparrows prompted me to proceed to the thick bushes which served as a fence around the newly built house.
But, where were these thick bushes? Oh my god! I was standing close to that new building but these bushes were not to be seen but, still, I heard the teek teek sound which seemed to say, “Look at the new wall… We are down here… They have left a small tree untouched”. “Oh,…” I told those birds, “So, you have lost your 2nd asylum too!”