Month: October 2017

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Don’t try to enter through the back door!

In a democratic country, most of the precious hours are wasted on all sorts of protests which may, invariably, lead to closure of shops, big and small, and the unavoidable police intervention and its after effects. The opposition parties would make it appear that the government is responsible for heavy rains or prolonged summer which …

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To be, or not to be?

There are innumerable languages in this wide world. Some are totally local and most of the rest are official languages confined to independent nations. As far as countries like India are concerned, a couple of its widely used languages are given the status of national languages along with English. Though the country is divided into …

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Worshipping the books!

It is festivals, festivals all the way as far as India is concerned, though politics makes its presence felt every now and then. But, the people, by large, look forward to such festivals which are, invariably, celebrated in temples. Of all such festivals, the one which enlightens the people, especially the children, is the 9 …