Month: September 2012

Ooty, P U Krishnan, Short Stories, Television

Those unexpected twists!

It is all set for a satisfactory finish. The heroine, the embodiment of sacrifices and all good qualities gets the green signal for her marriage from all and sundry. Her would-be, an equally great person is all smiles when he overcomes all hurdles which prolonged his agonies and ecstasies. The “crazy” viewers too heaved a …

Groningen, International, Netherlands, P U Krishnan, Travel

Peaceful coexistence

I was half asleep when I saw the “full moon”. But, in a jiffy I became alert and asked myself, “full moon on new moon day?”. The bus in which I was travelling took a ‘U’ turn and the moon or sun disappeared from the scene. What I saw was a setting sun which looked …

Domestic, International, Ooty, P U Krishnan, seasons, Travel, Vancouver

Nature’s canvases!

Man has this fascination for colors and it is reflected in his clothes, vehicles, the walls of his houses and what not. The artist in a man finds an outlet through his attempt to reproduce pieces of those colors which he sees in this huge canvases of nature. During day time, especially in summer blue …