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Those unexpected twists!

It is all set for a satisfactory finish. The heroine, the embodiment of sacrifices and all good qualities gets the green signal for her marriage from all and sundry. Her would-be, an equally great person is all smiles when he overcomes all hurdles which prolonged his agonies and ecstasies. The “crazy” viewers too heaved a sigh of relief.
But when the day’s episode seemed to end on a happy note, there appears the courier chap to deliver a letter addressed to the heroine’s farther. He opens the cover and pulls out a letter and a photo. He reads the short letter and looks at the photo. He is totally upset, much to the embarrassment of all at home. That day’s episode ended there but the next episode which we watch on the next day gives enough indications that this serial will last for several months!
The photo enclosed with that anonymous letter was that of the hero and a young lady which gave rise to the fear that the heroine’s would-be was in love or had some sort of close relationship with that dame! Whatever it may be, the viewers will have to put up with new developments for long before everything comes to a happy ending.

Peaceful coexistence

I was half asleep when I saw the “full moon”. But, in a jiffy I became alert and asked myself, “full moon on new moon day?”. The bus in which I was travelling took a ‘U’ turn and the moon or sun disappeared from the scene. What I saw was a setting sun which looked smaller or rather, just as big as a full moon! The way and How about the unusual size of the sun had something to do with Netherlands where I had been recently for a month.
On bright and sunny days, rare though, Netherlands like any other European country is pleasant and glamorous and one is tempted to go out for a walk enjoying the beauty of canals across meadows and trees. A wide variety of birds ranging from wild ducks to pigeons could be seen here and there, but some of them see us as intruders and make strange sounds to warn us!
The country has all the ultra-modern facilities but not at the expense of old world charms. They have art galleries and museums and gigantic gardens.
An interesting incident took place while I was chatting with my folks over a cup of coffee at a restaurant. A young lady who introduced herself as a journalist asked us several interesting questions about our visit to Netherlands and what impressed us the most. She made us so comfortable and happy that we felt that this was one of the interesting parts of our visit to Netherlands.

Nature’s canvases!

Man has this fascination for colors and it is reflected in his clothes, vehicles, the walls of his houses and what not. The artist in a man finds an outlet through his attempt to reproduce pieces of those colors which he sees in this huge canvases of nature.

During day time, especially in summer blue reigns supreme and you see the ‘true color’ of hills and valleys and those man-made things…small and big. Come sunrise or sunset, it is a different world altogether. A larger than life man or woman, deep asleep or elephants crossing some points or a lady in her bath tub against the background of orange, red or any color of vibgyor family!

Looking at these canvases of nature, you will realize how the great artists learnt the trick of producing such wonders!

Green Signal!

We did have a garden of sorts in our house and there were flowers aplenty, of almost all colours. But, during the onam festivals we had to protect them from intruders and the best way was to pluck all those flowers early in the morning or rather, much before those guys laid hands on them. This was a small affair because the most important flower was Thumba which was small and white in colour. And it took over an hour to pluck the required quantity from Thumba plants available in the vast temple compound.
Though in some parts of north Kerala Vishu was the most important festival, in view of the week long temple festival, we paid equal attention to Onam as well and we decorated the “muttam” (the front portion of the courtyard) with flowers of all colour and sizes. The Onam festival is a ten day affair and on the tenth day the elders too took part in decorating the muttam and naturally we made sure that there were all sorts of flowers.
We did everything under the watchful eye of our big brother. On one such occasion (on the eve of the most important final day), the big brother suggested, “Let it be the national flag this time”. We did have all sorts of flowers but not the green one. There were no green flowers as such, but the leaves of one rare plant served the purpose, but that plant was available only in the house of a “Thampuran” (a landlord) but it was beyond our dignity to go to that landlord’s house on the eve of the great day and when we were on the verge of abandoning the idea of a national flag one among us shouted… “Eureka! Eureka!… we can make us of the drumstick leaves” all agreed to use the dark green leaves of the drumstick tree which were available in our compound. That was how the drumstick leaves became popular during the onam festival!