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Happy and prosperous

If self praising was a taboo, we human beings would have kept mum about all those wonderful discoveries and waited till someone overheard and passed on the message to every Tom, Dick and Harry! Gone are such days; Now, we have innumerable universities which encourage bright students and professors to spend their precious time on …

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Lead me from darkness to brightness!

“Reading maketh a perfect man. Knowledge is power.” Yeah, curiosities of human beings are as much important. Fortunately, there have been teachers and students all over the world from time immemorial. In short, they were the bridges which carried the old and young to various types of knowledge. But, man’s dependence on machines seem to …

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“Old order changeth…”

The whole world has undergone a sea change and the credit goes to science and technology or rather, man’s curiosity such as “why the apple fell on the earth, instead of going high and high?”. Whatever it may be, history too plays an important role by going back and back to know how and when …