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And the Credit goes to…

The world has undergone a sea-change and the credit goes to the scientists of the past and present. The changes will go on and on but one would hope that these scientists are just like our fellow travelers with some difference in their approach. We have to repeat the fact that while we, the ordinary chaps, enjoy the beauty of the world, the scientists keep on producing new wonders to make the world less troublesome! But some of the so called troubles are really joys that we should not miss!

In view of the above facts, let us worship the changes and let the older things be as fresh as ever so that we will not miss other wonders produced by the sun, moon and the sea and hundreds of birds and their songs… and other beauties of nature including the man-made beauties!

Worshipping the books!

It is festivals, festivals all the way as far as India is concerned, though politics makes its presence felt every now and then. But, the people, by large, look forward to such festivals which are, invariably, celebrated in temples.
Of all such festivals, the one which enlightens the people, especially the children, is the 9 day festival called Navaratri (9 Nights) which worships goddess Saraswathy who is the embodiment of knowledge and inspiration to children and adults alike. The songs connected to such festivals are given top priority. One is reminded of the proverbs, “Knowledge is power” and “reading maketh a perfect man”

Happy and prosperous

If self praising was a taboo, we human beings would have kept mum about all those wonderful discoveries and waited till someone overheard and passed on the message to every Tom, Dick and Harry!
Gone are such days; Now, we have innumerable universities which encourage bright students and professors to spend their precious time on discoveries ranging from science and technology to almost all subjects which need intelligent research works. The whole world has to support such worthy programs and make the whole world happy and prosperous.

Lead me from darkness to brightness!

“Reading maketh a perfect man. Knowledge is power.” Yeah, curiosities of human beings are as much important. Fortunately, there have been teachers and students all over the world from time immemorial. In short, they were the bridges which carried the old and young to various types of knowledge.

But, man’s dependence on machines seem to have crossed the limits and he may be losing even his patience to study more.

In view of this, let us listen to beautiful songs and other wonders of the world so that our life as a whole will not be mechanical or rather drive by machines, most of the time. Even a small bird can change our attitude!

Once upon

Gone are the days when kids used to enjoy those “once upon a time” or “long, long ago” stories narrated by grandpas. They would, at times respond to such stories in their own style, like, “That vadivelu was hammered yet again” or, “Veerat Koily was clean bowled!”… or when you are watching a TV Serial,they would push you out of your chair and tell you, “I want to see Peppa Pig.”
How lucky we are! The grandpas and grandmas can fully concentrate on their favorable food during breakfast and lunch or read newspaper or some books.
Hats off to our scientist and serial makers!

“Old order changeth…”

The whole world has undergone a sea change and the credit goes to science and technology or rather, man’s curiosity such as “why the apple fell on the earth, instead of going high and high?”. Whatever it may be, history too plays an important role by going back and back to know how and when this wonder or that wonder occurred and kept on happening.
Then comes, the happy go lucky chaps like some of us who are not directly involved in science or history but are responsible for keeping the entire population happy according to his or her tastes which could vary from person to person.
Anyway, this world has to move on with the help of different types of human beings… oh, it is getting late;… Have your supper and go to sleep!

Hats off to our scientists

Twinkle Twinkle little starts
I don’t wonder what you are!
Down below the world so near
Like the start of yore.
Still, I can’t hide the fact
That you are a million times
smaller than the real stars!