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Beware of distorted information

Of late, we hear a lot of new versions of history or rather, some historic events. These ‘historians’ discover the other side of certain well known events by picking up facts published in some obscure newspapers of the by gone days.

The quarrel between princely states or some communal uprisings which would have taken place during the Britishraj would get the status of freedom struggle.

Most of us know that our freedom struggle led by Gandhiji was absolutely free from violence and if there was a semblance of violence anywhere, Gandhiji would call of the on-going protests.

Knowing all these facts, some of our new historians would pick up some random reports of those days to prove that x or y was a freedom fighter who was neglected by Gandhiji or Nehruji… and so and so criticized Gandhiji for not supporting x or y (Who would have indulge in some unacceptable violent acts)

The younger generation should not be misled by these frequent dozes of distorted information.


When the air is thick with a burning topic, it is very difficult for the people to come to any conclusions. Politicians react in a way that is detrimental to the rival parties, though they themselves know that the stand taken by the rivals are not much different from their’s.

The intellectuals have no motives as such, but their heated arguments also result in confusions.

The common man, invariably, takes for granted the views expressed by his favourite leader. But most of us know that all these burring issues will pale into insignificance before long and a new topic will capture the headline.

Weighed down by the latest imbroglio, I was looking for something interesting and proceeded to that tea shop where some interesting chaps gather for a tea break between 10. 30 to 11.00 am. But, here too these chaps were chatting about the same subject. “No, man; he has the support of several parties”, one of them was saying. “ok , let him build up an organization with branches all over India” one of them replied.

“Ha, Ha – Ha, Then before long one more Hazare will have to restart the whole thing”, interrupted the third chap.

“Simple chaps with big ideas”, I told myself while taking leave of them.

When your mind reigns supreme

It was a tempting evening. The sky was clear but it was not all that warm because of the bone-chilling wind. I was caught between desire to go out for a walk and an excuse to sit at home and watch the TV but i could overcome the filthy excuse, all because of one of my favorite movie songs which glorified the beauty of the evening Sky; I sat in front of the TV, enjoying every bit of that song and those enchanting scenes.

Soon I found myself walking along my favorite road which was most suitable for an evening walk. It is here, your body moves on mechanically, in obedience to the will and pleasure of your mind. “Stop here for a while,” the mind would say and the body applies the brake! on the one side of the road the trees dance and the birds sing and on the other side it is a valley which descends from a nearby hill.

Almost a year has passed since I left Ooty, a summer and a long winter and again I am here, moving along the same road, enjoying the serene and enchanting surroundings… but somehow my mind abandoned this road and began to wander through similar roads in Vancouver and Netherlands. Ironically, while i was there, my mind used to take a flight to Ooty!. These places may be poles apart, yet they resemble each other to some extent.

On your home ground but…

On seeing me, the newspaper agent pretends to heave a sigh of relief and says “Pleasant surprise indeed.. after a long time…” and then he opens the receipt book and writes my name, address and the amount, “It’s gone up a little.” “Ok”, I say and give him the money. He gets his money but even after a week, nobody brings the daily to my house. I make a friendly complaint and he says, “Don’t worry. I’ll arrange a new chap”but I have to wait for another week, over a couple of friendly complaints.
On top of this, you have to visit several government offices to normalise things ranging from telephone to electricity to LPG. It takes over a week or more to pass on the message of your arrival to the regular milk vendor.
If you have to be away from your place for a long time, you have to struggle continuously to straighten up things, howsoever smart you are!