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Serials all the way

Watching a couple of programs, mostly T.V. serials has become an unavoidable habit. At times, I used to wonder why I should waste my time on these serials but when I think about these serials or certain interesting programs what comes to my mind is the fact that these programs in hundreds of channels are encouraging the youngsters to participate in any of these programs and earn enough money for their livelihood or to enter the mega world of movies. Another important fact is that most of the serials are between 6 pm and 10 pm and even the slum dwellers can spend their time usefully!

Thought provoking, though funny!

“The ambition of almost all senior students and the desire of their parents as well, is to become District Collectors. But, if all students succeed, there won’t be any candidate for Peons’ Posts!”
The audience and other participants burst into laughter.
Almost every TV channel has set apart programs dedicated to viewers on every Sunday. Such programs get wide support from viewers mainly because the subjects are supposed to be very useful and funny.
Whatever it may be, people get an opportunity to express their views or to spend an hour or two every Sunday on such thought-provoking programs which enable the students to develop originality.

Though there are innumerable TV channels in India, they have identical approach when it comes to certain programs pertaining to political events or sports to some extent. But. of late, the stress is on TV Serials which are enjoyed by senior citizens too! But it appears that most of these serials have the same stories and tactics such as kidnaps, love failures or unexpected calamities or frequent visits to local temples to seek the help of poojaris or palmists. Anywya, most of the new actors are really, really, talented, but the repetition of certain stories may not be successful any longer.

Once upon

Gone are the days when kids used to enjoy those “once upon a time” or “long, long ago” stories narrated by grandpas. They would, at times respond to such stories in their own style, like, “That vadivelu was hammered yet again” or, “Veerat Koily was clean bowled!”… or when you are watching a TV Serial,they would push you out of your chair and tell you, “I want to see Peppa Pig.”
How lucky we are! The grandpas and grandmas can fully concentrate on their favorable food during breakfast and lunch or read newspaper or some books.
Hats off to our scientist and serial makers!

Not so good!

Gone are the days when TV channels set apart a few hours every day for advertisements which praised all sorts of products ranging from foods to washing items or ready made shirts and pants, especially during festivals. They could draw the attention of rich and poor mainly because of the involvement of famous players or movie stars.
But of late, some TV channels are highly critical of some of the very same products which till the other day were the best products in the world!
Incidentally, those come under such criticism are food products or washing items. One wonder who could be behind such shocking criticisms and what could be the motive. Lets wait and see!

Hats off to TV!

You have immense source of belief from boredom and you don’t have to wait till your favorite items are active! Even voracious readers have limits and naturally, they look forward to programs dominated by the so-called intellectuals! As far as TV programs are concerned, serials running into thousands of episodes capture the attention of old and young and home makers who are prepared to give up anything for this item!
Then comes the weekly items like “You or me?”, dominated by youngsters and the TV anchorman. This program touches upon various subjects associated with education, freedom of expression and so on and one gets irritated when these participants are obsessed with their rights caste-wise or otherwise!, paying little attention to their ability to overcome hurdles. Anyway, TV programs do capture the attention of the dullest persons! Even certain TV advertisements are equally interesting, especially to kids!

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!

After watching my usual quota of TV serials between 6 pm and 9 pm, instead of switching off, I changed the channel casually, and there it was! And, what more, The very scene which has been haunting my mind for the last couple of days whenever I was on my evening walk, was in progress. The young couple after overcoming some tiff between them were seen in a lovely garden and soon one could experience the ‘heaven on earth’ feelings… The serene atmosphere, the melodious song and the apt music which captured the gentle sound of the falling leaves and the chirping of the small birds which were watching the ‘fun’ when the much-awaited scene and song were over, I said to myself,

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!”.

Live and Let Live

Be it arts, literature, history, economics, politics or sports and games, every one of them has its own charm and usefulness. To some extent, all these subjects are interdependent but none of them should poke its nose into the other and, instead, follow the dictum, “ live and let live”. In short, one’s growth should not be at the expense of the other.

But, of late, what used to entertain the masses are being overshadowed by the business world – you can guess what I am driving at!


With a five-star hotel up there and several new buildings on the near-by hills and valleys, my vexed mind got some relief from that solitary hill which has withstood human encroachments so far. But how long?, I wondered. Anyway, right now, it has managed to protect itself from crazy chaps.
As I moved on and on thinking about that hill, the 6 P.M siren jolted me from my day-dreams and it was time to say “About-turn… March”. I must be at home as quickly as possible so that I won’t miss a crucial scene in that TV serial. What will be the fate of Dilip-Susi romance?.
When I was about to reach home, I saw a friend of mine with his daughter. He too seemed to be in a hurry… but, on seeing me, he stopped for a while and asked me whether I was in a hurry. I could not say Yes or No. So, I simply smiled, not knowing what to do. Fortunately his daughter told me, “Uncle, my dad is in a hurry. We have just managed to escape from our house when some guest arrived just when we were getting ready to see that serial. We managed to sneak out?”. “Are you people also worried about the fate of that Dilip-Susi romance?”, I asked. “Exactly”, she replied. I heaved a sigh of relief and took them to my house. And, as soon the day’s episode was over my friend and daughter left my home after thanking me profusely!


“Oh, a cheeky single…. sachin just managed to cross over before the ball hit the stumps”. Sachin was just four short of his century and there was one over left before stumps. The bus in which we were travelling entered the Mettupalayam bus stand.I hurried to the nearby Teashop to watch those exciting moments. there was a huge crowd in front of the tea shop but i managed to position myself n such a way as to get a clear view of the screen. Sachin ignored the singles and twos and there were just two bowls left. When he hit the fifth ball of the last over, the focus was on the ball. A fielder dived to stop it but …! oh, Lord, it crossed the boundary. That was one of his umpteen centuries!The conductor of the bus patted me on the shoulder and jokingly said, ” So, shall we go?” The man who carried a transistor with him switched it off and followed us.

There have been such anxious moments on several occasions when he kept on piling up runs and breaking the records of several top class batsmen.He became a role model and many of his followers managed to find their way into Indian team.

Sachin became nervous at times, not because he was out- of-form on certain occasions but he was unable to live upto the expectations of his fans.

I was so upset when I heard the other day that he was bidding good- bye to ODI. The only consolation is that he will keep playing in 5- day matches. I have great respect for other players but Sachin is Sachin.