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A thing of beauty is a joy forever

When the weather is unfavorable, one is reluctant to go out for walk. Even a short distance appears to be a Herculean task! But, the other day we managed to overcome the reluctance mainly because it was a trip to a temple and the short distance was not by walking but in a taxi cab! …

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If there is a will, there is a way

A Land of festivals, India has an immense variety of them, mostly connected with religion and depending on the tastes and habits of the people but based on certain glorious occasions which would have occurred centuries ago in various parts of the country. There are thousands of temples in India which are dedicated to different …

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United, we stand: Divided, we fall

India is a land of festivals and we witness immense variety of such festivals all though the year but most of these festivals are connected to some religions, castes or regions, though the way such festivals are celebrated has something common about them. Of course, the ‘style’ of these festivals differ from religion to religion. …