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The power of music

Music, at times, works like a magic, especially at the early hours of the day or at the fag-end of the evening. It can capture your mind and take you back to certain concerts which are connected with the childhood days of Lord Krishna! When one talks about Lord Krishna, or any other divine charterers, one, invariably recalls the good old days when certain religious functions were accompanied by dances and devotional songs. In this connection, one has to be thankful to certain movies which are dedicated to such events!

Happy Deepavali!

“Deepavali” is an important festival in India. As the name indicates, its a festival of lights! Perhaps, it is the only festival in India which is celebrated all over India (from Kashmir to KanyaKumari!).
Of late this celebration has crossed the border, much to the pleasure of Indians living in US and Canada and even in some European countries. Whenever we celebrate this festival of lights we chant the glorious mantra, “Tamaso ma Jyothir Gamaya”, which means, “Lead us from Darkness to Light or rather, “Ignorance to Knowledge.”
Anyway, we spend a lot of money on that day to buy new clothes and ornaments (employees get a huge amount by way of Bonus!)

Worshipping the books!

It is festivals, festivals all the way as far as India is concerned, though politics makes its presence felt every now and then. But, the people, by large, look forward to such festivals which are, invariably, celebrated in temples.
Of all such festivals, the one which enlightens the people, especially the children, is the 9 day festival called Navaratri (9 Nights) which worships goddess Saraswathy who is the embodiment of knowledge and inspiration to children and adults alike. The songs connected to such festivals are given top priority. One is reminded of the proverbs, “Knowledge is power” and “reading maketh a perfect man”

Though there are innumerable TV channels in India, they have identical approach when it comes to certain programs pertaining to political events or sports to some extent. But. of late, the stress is on TV Serials which are enjoyed by senior citizens too! But it appears that most of these serials have the same stories and tactics such as kidnaps, love failures or unexpected calamities or frequent visits to local temples to seek the help of poojaris or palmists. Anywya, most of the new actors are really, really, talented, but the repetition of certain stories may not be successful any longer.

Old and Modern

Old is gold! But certain modern developments are equally fantastic! But as far as festivals in India are concerned there is nothing to beat the old-world charm – the simplicity, the humble but attractive appearance of the old and young are unbeatable. But when we admire the old world charm, we have to appreciate the ability of the modern film industry for capturing the good old world to such an extent that we shed tears of joy every time we watch certain scenes and devotional songs, as if we are also the participants!

An Empire indeed!

Though the twelve months or rather, a year commencing from January to December is common to all, we can not ignore the years which are based on certain languages or regions.

Of course, the Jan – Dec period has established itself as an empire and the people all over the world are dependent on it for the purpose of celebrating birthdays or independence days or such important dates. Anyway, the regional years and dates are celebrated in many countries and do serve as a New year’s Day or Birthdays. But what is important is the annual festivals in temples as far as India is concerned.

In several states, most of the people have two birthdays! Those who visit India from other Countries may get some ideas about the importance of regional dates!

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

When the weather is unfavorable, one is reluctant to go out for walk. Even a short distance appears to be a Herculean task! But, the other day we managed to overcome the reluctance mainly because it was a trip to a temple and the short distance was not by walking but in a taxi cab!

But, soon I overcame the dull moments mainly because the ‘scenes’ unfolded on both sides of the road reminded me of the good old days when the villages we lived in were encircled by rivers and channels and palm trees.

On top of all these wonders, the atmosphere in the beautiful temple was a serene and inspiring!

If there is a will, there is a way

A Land of festivals, India has an immense variety of them, mostly connected with religion and depending on the tastes and habits of the people but based on certain glorious occasions which would have occurred centuries ago in various parts of the country.
There are thousands of temples in India which are dedicated to different deities, and the specialties of that lord is associated with each festival.
Anyway, all the festivals are occasions for the devotees to seek the blessings of the almighty.
These festivals are also an opportunity for the devotees to help the poor and the down trodden. Some youngsters attach some sports events participated by them. Since such events seem to be a bit “bullish”, some are totally against it and are bent upon stopping such games much to the disappointment of the Youngsters. So, why not the supporters and the opponents come to an agreement acceptable to both?

United, we stand: Divided, we fall

India is a land of festivals and we witness immense variety of such festivals all though the year but most of these festivals are connected to some religions, castes or regions, though the way such festivals are celebrated has something common about them. Of course, the ‘style’ of these festivals differ from religion to religion.

Fortunately, we have two festivals (Republic Day and Independence Day) which are common to all and celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm. But there are people who get some sadistic pleasure by highlighting communal clashes through some mini-movies on TV. And, there are some politicians who divert people’s attention by making some unpleasant comments when the people are celebrating the national festivals.

That is India!

Most of the places of worship in India are pretty old and artistic and some of them still attract thousands of devotees and tourists. Each one of them speaks volumes about the aesthetic sense of our ancestors who could picture Gods and Goddesses of their choice in their minds and reproduce them on the walls and pillars of these holy places.And, the devotees who visit these places of worship get a clear idea about the importance of each and every idol they worshipped.

The importance of all these idols of Gods and Goddesses lies in the fact that a devotee, whether he is a learned person or illiterate can see the invisible almighty in the idols they worship.

Though the basic principle of our ancient scholars is that the almighty is colorless and shapeless, they knew that it is very difficult for an ordinary man/ women to imagine such a being and so, the ancient scholars gave colour to the colourless and shape to the shapeless eternal power. You are at liberty to worship any God or Goddesses of your choice.

Apart from art and architecture, the devine atmosphere was created by songs and dances dedicated to deities. And, there were no gender discriminations! All these devine qualities have been passed on to the successive generations…