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Venerable Co-existance

Urbanization, invariably, results in construction of new houses in rural areas or even in agricultural lands available in urban areas. It is a clear indication that business is flourishing in and around such places. All these developments rob the charm of rural areas especially when trees and plants are mercilessly cut down.
Anyway, even now, there are still places where urbanization is not at the expense of charming trees and plants. The other day I happened to visit such areas where there are houses, houses all the way… big and small but they could not outshine the trees and meadows. Moreover, even the new houses looked more like the good old houses of yore!

Peace and Prosperity

When Indian intellectuals scholars and sports persons (notably cricket) hit the headlines, they become notable persons not only in India but in other countries as well. But, going beyond such achievements our youngsters and elders have to pay great attention to peace and prosperity without which, all our efforts to achieve top positions will wither into oblivion.
One problem in India which needs to be overcome as quickly as possible is petty quarrels between neighboring states which bring everything to a standstill, resulting in destruction of public properties, specially buses and lorries.
Political parties seem to be incapable of solving such problems and resort to violence. As such, one would expect those who are in favor of “unity in diversity” to make their presence felt by spreading the slogan, “peace and prosperity”.

Hats off to our scientists

Twinkle Twinkle little starts
I don’t wonder what you are!
Down below the world so near
Like the start of yore.
Still, I can’t hide the fact
That you are a million times
smaller than the real stars!

We need an amicable approach

Most of the countries in the world have frequent problems with the neighboring countries and some are wise enough not to let such problems snowball into a crisis so that their internal problems could be tackled by and by.
As far as India is concerned, the nation does have such problems but, the frequent regional problems between neighboring states have to be handled in a friendly way bearing in mind the good old adage, “United we stand, divided we fall”. Apart from this, all the political parties should do their best to abide by certain principles so that the positive side of all good and bad happenings would be more visible. On top of this, all the political parties should make it a point not to draw school an college students into “protests”, which occur frequently.