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Fastest indeed!

Very often I used to wonder who among the living beings is the fastest. Could it be horses or others which have similar body structures. Or, could it be human beings themselves who take flight here and there all around the world?
Wait, let us not come to a conclusion at the expense of other beings like the flying creatures or rather birds which can lift themselves up without the help of runways or any such supports.
I have seen them off the ground and in the sky in a jiffy and calling each other to pass on some message!
Without an iota of doubt one can come to the conclusion that most of the birds are very fast and they do not need any special “push up” to get the speed they need!

Heaps of children’s books!

The standard of education at higher levels may vary, depending upon preferences of universities and colleges. As far as Indian universities or the preferences of senior students are concerned, job-oriented course have an upper hand (Doctors, Engineers or Business). It may be a cakewalk for the smart ones!
But, when it comes to LKG or UKG, the kids all over the world get in touch with umpteen varieties of animals, birds and multicolored flies (wild and mild!). On top of it, they get heaps of children’s stories which appear in several story books. Parents don’t have to recall old stories because there are hundreds of such books.
Some children are less interested in subjects taught to them but these stories and poems tempt them to study serious subjects as well.
Anyway, only few students show some interest in serious subjects taught to them but circumstances force them to choose some job-oriented books.
One wonders how most of the students ignore their childhood days!

Beware of war mongers

It is difficult to overcome certain habits. As long as such habits are harmless, we can say rely on those age-old proverbs like, “Habits die hard” or the new ones like, “Victory has become our habit these days” by Veerat Kohli!
When we talk about habits, we cannot ignore certain violent habits which have become part and parcel of certain countries which pay little attention to the welfare of the people or to peace and prosperity of the whole world. On the other hand, they are interested in creating war-like situations at the opportune moment. May be, they want to create an impression that they are among the ‘strongest’ countries in the world.
The only remedy lies wit UNO and all the peace-loving countries to suppress such policies to make them realize, “Enough is enough”.

Thought provoking, though funny!

“The ambition of almost all senior students and the desire of their parents as well, is to become District Collectors. But, if all students succeed, there won’t be any candidate for Peons’ Posts!”
The audience and other participants burst into laughter.
Almost every TV channel has set apart programs dedicated to viewers on every Sunday. Such programs get wide support from viewers mainly because the subjects are supposed to be very useful and funny.
Whatever it may be, people get an opportunity to express their views or to spend an hour or two every Sunday on such thought-provoking programs which enable the students to develop originality.

United, we stand…

Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There are certain political parties or some top leaders who are bent upon introducing new policies to bring about some major economic or political changes, hoping that they are taking the country to great heights.
Prima facie, it may appear that he is on a new path and under his leadership, the country can hope for great reforms and unprecedented success.
But, before long, the people will realize that the country is heading for a disaster.
In view of this, it will be of great help if some top leaders make it clear that the country won’t withstand such unnecessary changes, Let us hope for the best.

Old and Modern

Old is gold! But certain modern developments are equally fantastic! But as far as festivals in India are concerned there is nothing to beat the old-world charm – the simplicity, the humble but attractive appearance of the old and young are unbeatable. But when we admire the old world charm, we have to appreciate the ability of the modern film industry for capturing the good old world to such an extent that we shed tears of joy every time we watch certain scenes and devotional songs, as if we are also the participants!

Lets us find the cycle gap!

“The world is too much with us; late and soon Getting and spending, we lay waste our time. Little we see in nature that is ours; we have given our hearts away; a sordid boon!”
I do agree with the poet… we are so busy, that we see very little in Nature that is ours. Ok, at times, we have to keep ourselves fully engaged either at home or at our office to keep our boss or ‘madam’ in good humour. Ok, it need not be all work all the time. Don’t you find the cycle gap to watch the beauty of nature in the form of Sun moon and stars or those naughty ones whom we call birds?
But, as far as beauty is concerned, it could be every where if you have aesthetic sense. There are umpteen attractive things in this world but don’t you see those naughty ones flying hither and thither from the branches of small plants to those gigantic trees?. To spot them out, you have just to follow their, “Here, I am, Here I am” songs!

“Old order changeth…”

The whole world has undergone a sea change and the credit goes to science and technology or rather, man’s curiosity such as “why the apple fell on the earth, instead of going high and high?”. Whatever it may be, history too plays an important role by going back and back to know how and when this wonder or that wonder occurred and kept on happening.
Then comes, the happy go lucky chaps like some of us who are not directly involved in science or history but are responsible for keeping the entire population happy according to his or her tastes which could vary from person to person.
Anyway, this world has to move on with the help of different types of human beings… oh, it is getting late;… Have your supper and go to sleep!

Old order changes, yielding place to new…

“The world is too much with us. Getting and spending, we lay waste our time.” Man became alert to this warning and began to discover new things, using his/her ‘brain power’, aesthetic sense and curiosity. “If tiny birds can fly here and there, why not we?”, mas asked himself. All these things prompted man to pay attention to new discoveries, even to the extent of depriving job opportunities to educated youngsters.
In view of this, it is time to come out with a new warning, “The discoveries are too much with us, replacing machines in place of men and women.” We rob job opportunities from the up and coming new generation.
If we are smart enough, let us create a world wherein job opportunities and new scientific discoveries go hand in hand.
To get an idea about the reason behind loss of job opportunities, it is enough if we go to a railway station or some such offices where machines are taking care of everything! And, as far as those who are involved in essential services, we have to bear in mind that it is not fair on their part to resort to strike every now and then.


I am in you or in what you guys call ‘dream’. It’ll last for an hour tonight and as soon as I gather the information about your languages and whatever I want, I’ll be back to my planet which you call Jupiter. Our leader found me gathering information about your planet, your people, their discoveries etc. Frankly speaking, I fell in love with your songs, movies and cricket and wanted to have a firsthand knowledge about your languages and cell phones because we have to lead a boring or as you call it “dull as dust life” resulting from our fantastic knowledge about ourselves and other planets.
Oh, it is time to leave from your dream world… in a jiffy i’ll be in Jupiter. By the way, we don’t have names. I am the one and only chap with a name. Our captain named me “Earthborn” because he suspects that I am fond of you people and your planets. Anyway don’t try to get in touch with me.