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Stray Thoughts

When you read something or watch an incident or listen to a song, your mind tries to connect those incidents or words in the song or certain persons to incidents you had witnessed long back. But you only have a vague idea about these things and you become restless as your mind does not budge till you sort out the exact incident or the person you are trying to connect! At times, it could be a silly incident or an unimportant person and you curse yourself for wasting your time.
But, the other day, without rhyme or reason, I was racking my brain to remember the names of a couple of cricket legends who hailed from the same family and represented one of those cricketing nations. I could remember the game in which these two brothers—one a fast bowler and the other a batsman—almost single handedly helped their country win the match. After struggling for a couple of days when I was about to lose hope, the names of those two cricketers flashed across my mind.
May be my mind had foreseen an interesting event. Yeah, I happened to come across a person who, incidentally belonged to the very same country the above said players belonged to. Of course, it was not a casual encounter but he mentioned briefly about his visit to my country and certain incidents that occurred during his visit. It was at this time, my struggle to remember the names of these two cricketers came to my help in so far as my encounter with that gentleman was concerned. He was too happy to know that I am much a fan of these two players as he himself is!

Why not Gandhian principles?

Even as science and technology are moving apace, creating one miracle after the other, several countries in this world are facing internal problems which crop up in one form or the other. Austerity drive, unemployment problems, price hikes, student unrest etc are the main issues which bedevil the governments of these countries.
Though the method of tackling these problems differ from country to country, the people who seek immediate solutions for the problems faced by them behave more or less similarly. Blocking roads and vandalizing government properties are the main weapons.
When people face problems and the authorities concerned turn a deaf ear to their protests, they may have to resort to some drastic steps but when they become violent and destructive, they are not only crossing limits but are also doing something detrimental to a quick solution.
The best way to seek a favorable solution is to follow the Gandhian principles which are more effective than the ones followed by these protesters.

A wild guess indeed!

When one’s body and mind are reluctant to go out for an evening walk, one’s only option is to sit at home, blaming the weather. But, rain or shine, the very same body and mind succumb to the inner call, at times! And, off you go to have a glimpse of the outside world, preferably to areas where nature is company enough for you.
On such days when your reluctant body and mind repeat the age old mantra, “Home, sweet home”, you spend your time watching TV shows… songs and jokes, of which some are worth watching umpteen times.
But, the other day, I happened to watch a comedy program conducted by a TV channel. The subject was an interview for a couple of jobs in government run transport department. The sting was very clear but the spectators burst into laughter. The comedy was a worth seeing but not more than once or twice. Yet, I watched it several times on the ipad with the sole purpose of taking a close look at one of the spectators who reminded me of my college days. After several looks, I came to the conclusion that he looked exactly like one of my class mates. May be this chap is my friend’s son….No, I don’t want to make a wild guess; but his smiles…