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Look before you leap!

To be or not to be? That’s the question … whether it’s ok to walk all the way to that small tulip garden or to stand here and enjoy the beauty? No, I must go there, no matter how steep the road to that garden is. Though the flowers are violet and tulip like from this distance, it could be some local flowers. but, the mesmerizing beauty of these flowers is so tempting. The desire to visit that garden has been haunting my mind ever since I saw them a week ago during my evening walks.

So, I was on my way to the garden. The down hill ‘journey’ was comfortable but the return trip might be tiresome. of course, one should not get distracted by such negative thoughts, but I stopped for a wile to watch those noisy birds discussing dos and donts on crossing the borders! Meanwhile I took a casual look at the garden just to know how far I have covered along this road, and my reaction on seeing that spot was not a ‘wow’ but ‘ shit ‘, believe me or not, it was not a garden and there were no flowers! It was just a house behind a bush, and what looked like violet flowers from a distance was just the colour painted on the walls of the house ! They only solace was that I didn’t have to walk all the way to know this secret!

In the Same Boat

The gentle tik-tik sound came from one of the small holes on the green-clad muddy wall around that new hotel. There were a few school children who too were curious about the origin of this strange sound. Just then a couple of sparrows landed on the muddy wall, close to one of the holes, one of the school children appeared to be very excited when he shouted, “Here they are… They are new-born sparrows… just as big as a honey-bee…”

I too saw those ‘new-born’ sparrows and was as much excited as the kids…. But that guy was standing on the road ahead. Maybe he was waiting for me; but why?, I asked myself. He was just an acquaintance whom I used to meet once in a while when I take this route during my evening walks. Of course, both of us were living in the same area, two decades ago but I don’t remember anything more about him. But, it seemed he remembered those days. Anyway, whenever we meet each other these days, we just wish each other with a smile. I have racked my brains to find out who he was but I have had no clues….. Anyway, he seemed to be waiting for me. As usual we exchanged greetings and I was about to move when he said, “Sir, I am sorry to ask this…Your face is very familiar to me but I don’t remember anything else… Were you staying somewhere near that Girl’s school? …may be some 20 to 25 years ago…” I burst into laughter and told him, “I am also in the same boat…” We kept on asking several questions and finally I came out with a “Now I remember”. One thing was certain; we were just acquaintance even in those days.

All is well, that end well

Sumathi was in a Predicament, just when she was getting ready to enter one of her favorite restaurant after spending a couple of hours in a shopping mall, fully exploiting the weekly freedom granted by her hubby who was busy even on Sundays.

To her shock and surprise, her ex-lover was sitting in a corner of the restaurant, sipping his tea. She could very well visit some other restaurants but she knew the purpose of his visit to this city. One of her friends has informed her over the phone that he would take revenge on her for letting him down.

How did she manage to tackle the tricky situation?. The other day I happened to fish out a few papers from an old leather bag and incidentally it contained the manuscript of one of my short stories (written 7 or 8 years ago). After reading a page or two I decided to recall how I shaped the events and how I ended the Predicament of Sumathi?.

After racking my brains for some time, I remembered how Sumathi won him over and the purpose of her ex-lover’s visit was not to take revenge on her but to seek a favour from her. It was, Of course, one of the “All is well that ends well stories!”