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Breathtaking and Serene

A thing of beauty is a joy forever! That was my immediate reaction when we arrived at the mesmerizing spot…call it a beach or a harbor or an aerodrome! The history and geography of that place was none of my concern at that time when nature outdid everything that resembled a megacity.
Of course, I did watch a couple of airplanes land on the sea waters and one taking off. A few steps away there were a few cargo ships…
Well and good. Here is a ‘sea’ of breathtaking views…the sea itself and the distant hills and a clear sky…a serene atmosphere which impels you to sit and watch.
Time was ticking away and reluctantly I said bye, bye…we must be on the move to catch the sky train. By the way, the beach was somewhere near the Stanley park.

My impatient mind!

The reading room attached to the library was crowded. The Sunday visitors were on the ‘rampage’. The tables were almost empty. But, when I was about to leave, one of the readers put down a magazine. I picked it up, not because it was very interesting. It contained a couple of political articles and a few attractive photos….Then, by chance, I came across an interesting piece….a regular column. I would have skipped even this but for the mention of the hill station. “Twenty years have past, twenty summers….and I was in Ooty again…..when I expressed my desire to visit Ooty, my husband said, ‘ok, you can take our kids with you…..[Thank god, he was not coming with us!]. I was born and brought up in Ooty. I enjoyed the visit after a long gap but I could not meet any of my friends….Anyway, my kids were enjoying every bit of the visit especially the journey from Ooty to Mettupalayam by train….the mountain train, as they called it. It was 3.00 PM and the train was on the move and I saw him with raised hands but it was too late. I waved my hands. Yeah, it was the very same chap”.
It was a pleasant surprise to me as well. All my doubts vanished into thin air—she was the very same person whom I used to see in the good old library. By the way, the other day I was reading a short story and when it took a dramatic turn, I was prompted to create something similar! Sorry for my humble attempt to imitate a great writer!

Birds of the same feather

There was a commotion out there… some sort of ‘ethnic clash’. The affected party raised an alarm even as the opponents inflicted pain on them. But that was all; quite a few landed at the spot from nowhere in response to the alarm. The counter attack was in full swing and the ones who started it were on their wings while the ‘winners’ kept on shouting ‘prack-prock’ [get lost, get lost!]
Yeah, it was a fight between crows and pigeons and the battle ground was the roof of a house! The adage, “birds of the same feather flock together” is suitable here but when self-interests are involved, it could be a fight between the birds of the same feather! Some qualities are common to all living beings, no matter whether they are birds or animals or human beings. Though we are supposed to be thinking beings, the animal instincts in us crop up now and then to make us worse than animals and birds…

It was like summer showers in Ooty when natives and the tourists jump for joy as they rush towards nature’s canopy provided by trees. On one such occasion, when I was on my way to my house with the borrowed umbrella in my hand, I could see some students from the plains dancing to a hit song, “Thenmerku paruvakattru….” (It was about the advent of the south-west monsoon) and I stopped there, unmindful of the rain because I was too happy in their happiness!
Reminiscent of the happy occasions, and to my excitement, there was a similar show at an isolated spot at that mini island and I proceeded towards that spot with rhythmic steps, “why this kolaveri…”was in the air when we reached there and this was preceded by a Punjabi song and dance. The mini island mentioned above was in Vancouver, Canada and the occasion was International Children’s Festival. There were several tents erected, especially for this occasion and the kids were enjoying the fun. More than anything else, it provided an opportunity for the kids to exhibit their talents. What made this occasion unique was the presence of kids of different origins….Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America….and there was no discrimination

Waves make the difference…

“Sunset and the evening sky… sunset and…” My mind kept on repeating these words as we were on our way to the beach, close to the Stanley park. In the good old days, a visit to the beach was a daily affair during summer holidays and the picture was almost clear on the mental canvass but I switched over to certain scenes in the novels of William Faulkner or Oscar Wilde so that mind won’t slip into those happy-go-lucky days!
Wow, we were at the beach and even as I dashed towards the sea, the impatient mind deleted the word sunset and said, rather sarcastically ‘evening sky?” In these parts of the planet earth, one can’t say who is delaying the glorious moment. Your watch may show it is well past 6.00 PM but, up there, it is bright and sunny. Oh, sorry, I must be talking about the sea. No doubt, it is like a good looking dame who walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry sky. There is something serene and melodious about this sea. But, not so the Arabian sea in our area. The waves are tall, active and pleasantly noisy. It is Rock ‘n’ roll all the time. By the way, the song ‘sunset and evening sky’ is something you won’t miss because it takes place at 6.00 PM or so. Your eyes shift to the distant horizon not only to watch the sunset but to watch the left-overs and the sea birds which fly criss-cross during sunset.