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I am in you or in what you guys call ‘dream’. It’ll last for an hour tonight and as soon as I gather the information about your languages and whatever I want, I’ll be back to my planet which you call Jupiter. Our leader found me gathering information about your planet, your people, their discoveries etc. Frankly speaking, I fell in love with your songs, movies and cricket and wanted to have a firsthand knowledge about your languages and cell phones because we have to lead a boring or as you call it “dull as dust life” resulting from our fantastic knowledge about ourselves and other planets.
Oh, it is time to leave from your dream world… in a jiffy i’ll be in Jupiter. By the way, we don’t have names. I am the one and only chap with a name. Our captain named me “Earthborn” because he suspects that I am fond of you people and your planets. Anyway don’t try to get in touch with me.

Have some patience, please

Freedom of expression is one of the jealously guarded rights in a democratic country. We don’t have to swallow the government’s version of any issue. The rejoinder from the affected party pops up almost immediately. Maybe both are misleading but you are at liberty to accept or reject either of the two versions or both. The media people have the knack of blowing things out of proportion by clinging on to some off-the-cuff remarks made by some leading politicians. People are quite used to such gimmicks and they know very well that all these affairs will blow over in a few days.

Thus far, it is ok because these are just internal affairs of a country like India. But when a foreign dignitary is visiting our country, we make sure that he is extended a warm welcome in keeping with our rich tradition. They enjoy their visit and are even tempted to say a few sweet words about our hospitality. Their spouses dance with our kids and the whole nation is in a festive mood. If at all there are differences of opinion about a particular issue, we used to wait till the departure of that leader to air our views. That is how it should be.

But, of late, neither the politicians nor the media have the patience or manners to put off the unpleasant remarks for a few days so that it won’t hurt the feelings of the visitor concerned.

Of moons and planets

“She walks in beauty… like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies…” Amateur sky gazers create such immortal lines. Their affairs with Sun, Moon or Stars come in handy when they recollect emotions in tranquility. It is a riot of colors when the Sun announces its arrival in the morning or takes leave in the evening. Moon and stars have a different appeal. We would have heard about other planets and moons in the solar system, but our response to what cannot be spotted by our naked eyes is just a “wow!”

On the other hand, the interests of the learned astronomers go far beyond the fancies of poets and artists. They spend their time and energy on discovering what’s what about other planets and moons in the solar system and at times they pry into other systems. Jupiter and Saturn are much bigger than Earth and have over 60 moons each revolving around them. But the big question is: are they superior to planet Earth? – are there living beings and if so, how smart are they?

Shh… They may be overhearing us!

Hitch your wagon to the stars!

Smaller than the smallest and bigger than the biggest. Yes that is what the creator is [Anoraniyan… Mahatomahiyan… I don’t remember those Sanskrit words which gave us an idea of the almighty]. When you tend to boast of your abilities, your status etc at the expense of lesser beings, just think of planet earth which is so big and so lavish but at the same time too small when compared to the sun or the tiny-looking stars, some of which are bigger than the sun! When you suffer from inferiority complex, think of those smallest and unseen creatures which can make or mar anyone.

In everyone of us there is a scientist or a historian or a poet or an administrator or you name it! All we have to do is to identify it and work on it. You may succeed or not but there is no harm in making an earnest attempt. Curiosity, keen observation, aesthetic sense and respect and love for the big and small are the qualities which lead you to your goal.

All said and done, beware of the fanatics, selfish and the greedy elements who would mislead you and make your life miserable. Look at the stars, the rising or setting sun, the hills, mountains, birds… oh there are innumerable such things which inspire you. Your time starts now!

By the wink of an eye

Were these the hills that drove the inhabitants helter-skelter in search of their woollen outfits that lay scattered all over in their houses?

Summer was at its peak. With their warm clothes and caps off their bodies, the people looked trim and younger, and their smiles were free from twists and turns. Of course, they felt the pinch of their purses owing to soaring prices – the summer bonanza for the shop keepers at the expense of the tourists and the natives to some extent.

Summer is also the time for the natives to play host to their dear and near ones. Every now and then, you get a phone call from guests, “We are at Charing Cross… how far is your house from this place? Instead of giving directions that will only confuse the guests, you would say, “No Problem… I’ll be there in ten minutes… By the way, what’s the colour of your car… and number?” and as soon as you get a reply, you dash to Charing Cross, repeating the colour and number in your mind. Then, On reaching there, you are a bit confused… “was it 5206 or 2506?” Anyway, one of the guests would have seen you, much to your relief.

The summer is always on its wings and, in a jiffy, it will be back to square one. The hills seemed to mock at me when I repeated those words, “Were these the hills that drove…” There was a roaring in the sky and the rain came heavily and fills in floods! The next day I saw the same old well-protected grim faced natives wherever my casual eyes were cast!

Smuggling fake currencies into India

A Bilateral Issue

“You disobedient little ones,
We elders speak our bitter experience
They are powerful, they are cruel
Don’t cross the barriers, Don’t cross the barriers
We din into your ears time and again”
“No. You didn’t say so.
Instead, you repeated Parrot-like…
‘Once bitten twice shy; once…”
The little ones said.
“There was a race between me
And one of their kids. I won and they hit us”
May be a domestic quarrel, I thought
And left the place.
My job over, I was returning home.
Out of curiosity I stood for a while
Where they had their noisy session
None of them was there
Would they have left for safer camps?
I wondered.

To my surprise I saw them
Beneath a cluster of eucalyptus trees.
Besides the sparrows, there were other birds as well.
One of the bigger birds repeated the word ‘Unity’.
“Unity is the need of the hour,
Dear sparrows, rest assured;
We won’t harm you any more.”
“Cheers”, they said in a chorus,
And flew back to their respective shelters.
It was a bilateral agreement
And there was no room for Birds’ Right Association.

How else could it be
If you view things from a human angle?

In Search of Greener Pastures

Except on rainy days, I go out for a walk in the evenings, all alone. I avoid busy and noisy streets and as I move along roads that are not frequented by human beings and well protected by a battalion of plants and trees on either side, I listen to birds which are at times noisy and restive, flying from one tree to the other apparently in protest against something. I was under the impression that the birds are just capable of making some sounds which are music to our ears. But no, I have learnt their language. They are in fact discussing serious matters and mainly on human encroachments. When trees and plants are cut down by human beings to build houses, now that there is a construction boom, the birds have to leave their places in search of greener pastures, which are very rare these days and over crowded. So they seem to say “cant help, we want a shelter. The human beings are destroying our shelters mercilessly and systematically…”