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Somewhat bright, but so cold!

“Sunset and evening sky… keep the doors wide open.” “Yeah! My lord.” Sun is bidding good night, but it is not dark as yet. Sun looks bigger than ever against the background of almost six to seven colors! There is absolute silence or occasional wow!
But right now, it is still evening… still bright. But we keep saying, “This is what we call bone chilling”.
Can’t help, can’t help and we go to bed as early as possible. “Oh Sun, why is it so cold?” “Right now, we are in a hill station, boss!”

Serene and beautiful!

Certain places bring back your memories in a jiffy! The other day when I revisited that place, I rushed to my favorite seat and looked around and to my joy, every spot was in its place. The framework was of course, the hills surrounding hundreds of houses and the serene atmosphere. The architects of these houses have made the area calm and almost identical, much to the relief of those who live in the area.
Whatever it may be, the blue sky and the white clouds make the area calm and beautiful. The birds too play the role of making the area as beautiful as ever.

Rain or shine?

It looked like a 5day match. The team SunnyDay was at its best even as the opposition CloudyDay was making it difficult for the SunnyDay batsmen to pile up a huge total.
The Day 2 was fully dominated by cloudy days with the support of cold winds and occasional drizzles that forced the crowd to go home and the teams to the “Dressing Room!”

A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

The other day while I was going through the “introduction” to Rudyard Kipling’s “The Phantom Rickshaw”, I recalled several personal experiences but, the one that ‘knocks’ me off an on is our visit to a beautiful village surrounded by a river which was called ‘Bharatha Puzha’ in those days. It was our first visit when our father was transferred to that village (he was a revenue inspector).
After alighting from a local train, we had to cross the river in a boat, violently shaken off and on by the waves which sprang from the Arabian Sea.
The man who was in charge of the boat would say, “don’t worry… nothing to fear” and our father would smile and say, “the are quite new to such a trip”.
Very soon, we got used to such trips while crossing the river frequently during summer holidays… “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!”

Heaps of children’s books!

The standard of education at higher levels may vary, depending upon preferences of universities and colleges. As far as Indian universities or the preferences of senior students are concerned, job-oriented course have an upper hand (Doctors, Engineers or Business). It may be a cakewalk for the smart ones!
But, when it comes to LKG or UKG, the kids all over the world get in touch with umpteen varieties of animals, birds and multicolored flies (wild and mild!). On top of it, they get heaps of children’s stories which appear in several story books. Parents don’t have to recall old stories because there are hundreds of such books.
Some children are less interested in subjects taught to them but these stories and poems tempt them to study serious subjects as well.
Anyway, only few students show some interest in serious subjects taught to them but circumstances force them to choose some job-oriented books.
One wonders how most of the students ignore their childhood days!

Though there are innumerable TV channels in India, they have identical approach when it comes to certain programs pertaining to political events or sports to some extent. But. of late, the stress is on TV Serials which are enjoyed by senior citizens too! But it appears that most of these serials have the same stories and tactics such as kidnaps, love failures or unexpected calamities or frequent visits to local temples to seek the help of poojaris or palmists. Anywya, most of the new actors are really, really, talented, but the repetition of certain stories may not be successful any longer.

Early morning or late evening?

It was bright and sunny. But it was difficult to predict whether it was morning or evening… yesterday or today! Even the birds could not make their presence felt. There were some people on the road but it was difficult to say whether they were on evening walk or morning walk. Anyway, I had just woken up and praised myself for getting up very early in the morning. And, as usual, I was getting ready to prepare my morning coffee when some one, at home, burst into laughter, saying that I was in utter confusion! “It is just a couple of hours since you had your supper”, but it appeared that a casual dream had put me in utter confusion!
Morning, afternoon, midnight… or just a dream!
After a couple of days, I managed to overcome the confusion and decided to avoid afternoon naps and other stupid things. But whenever I found myself in such a position, I made it sure to say every now and then, “Jet lag, Jet lag!”, though I am yet to overcome my utter confusion!

Our own kith and kin!

Urbanization would have brought about “the richer than ever” look to towns which were not long ago, small and uncrowned (and beautiful too). Small, but spacious in the sense that most of the lands which were agricultural or just small playgrounds were the target of the business people and the building contractors.
I am not against developments which are essential to meet the basic needs of all people including the future generation but when it comes to construction of innumerable high rise buildings at the expenses of enchanting trees and plants and innumerable birds and several small animals and creatures which make our lives very interesting and healthy.
As such, why not we treat these wonderful beings as our own kith and kin?

Some relief indeed!

Too many rules and regulations haunt the people almost daily and the people unable to resist them, accept such rules unwillingly. The authorities concerned exhibit their power by various means with a view to irritating the people, specially, the senior citizens who, on such occasions, come out with their routine, “ in the good old days…” Anyway, they get some relief from the 6 PM to 9 PM T.V. shows (serials or stand –up comedies which are available on most of the TV channels in different languages (Even in English, though the comedians have to be a bit careful in order not to offend those who watch them. Minor irritations are welcome but it should not cross the limits! Anyway, the people have a sense of humor and put up with such things so that they won’t miss several other jokes. Senior citizens heave a sigh of relief when they watch funny things because it helps them forget the effects of the tough rules and regulations off and on.

Hide And Seek!

It was a sunny morning when I was getting ready for my morning walk but when I opened the front door, I could hear a “Tap-Tap” sound which promoted me to carry an umbrella. Slowly but steadily it turned into a background music of a popular Hindi Movie. I got it! Unmindful of a few people here and there on the muddy road, I produced the memorable chayya–chayya sound and almost stepping like Shah Rukh Khan till I saw a youngster on the “U-Turn”, singing, “Kannu rendum utru..” without caring a damn for any comments from me. Instead he smiled and said, “First tunnel or the second?”. My answer was “How about you?”. We smiled and crossed each other. As the rain continued, I was about to ask myself, “To be, or not to be?” but, a well-known Autowallah gave me a lift till the Auto-parking space. The rest of the story began when the rain said “bye bye”. It was bright and sunny again!