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Our own kith and kin!

Urbanization would have brought about “the richer than ever” look to towns which were not long ago, small and uncrowned (and beautiful too). Small, but spacious in the sense that most of the lands which were agricultural or just small playgrounds were the target of the business people and the building contractors. I am not …

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Oh cuckoo, shall I call you a bird or a wandering voice?

Aesthetic sense! Yeah, that is it… A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. A garden with multi-coloured flowers and green meadows or even wild growth of trees and plants dancing to the tune of small birds which fly hither and tither in search of fruits or some tiny ponds ( may be to …

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A wise and noble decision indeed!

After going through the News paper headlines relating to political scandals, walkouts, Hartals which force the people, especially the passengers to run helter skelter at the Bus stands; and a funny report on “Worst actor/ director/ music etc awards”, my eyes rested on a News item under the headline “The golden daughter of a farming …