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Somewhat bright, but so cold!

“Sunset and evening sky… keep the doors wide open.” “Yeah! My lord.” Sun is bidding good night, but it is not dark as yet. Sun looks bigger than ever against the background of almost six to seven colors! There is absolute silence or occasional wow!
But right now, it is still evening… still bright. But we keep saying, “This is what we call bone chilling”.
Can’t help, can’t help and we go to bed as early as possible. “Oh Sun, why is it so cold?” “Right now, we are in a hill station, boss!”

An evening walk indeed!

A lazy mind may have hundred excuses to make it appear that an evening walk is worthless but an “adamant self” defies the order and pushes you out with a smile. The beginning of my evening walk on that day looked neither clumsy nor dynamic! So, off I went, enjoying the race between the farmers and construction workers. New buildings were coming up but not at the expense of the farmers who were working hard in the field. My only concern was the absence of birds who would fly around making some musical sounds.

Any way, when I found myself alone, I asked the birds, “what happened to those cows and buffalos?” and their reply was “Do you enjoy their rocky sounds and ugly look?”

And the Credit goes to…

The world has undergone a sea-change and the credit goes to the scientists of the past and present. The changes will go on and on but one would hope that these scientists are just like our fellow travelers with some difference in their approach. We have to repeat the fact that while we, the ordinary chaps, enjoy the beauty of the world, the scientists keep on producing new wonders to make the world less troublesome! But some of the so called troubles are really joys that we should not miss!

In view of the above facts, let us worship the changes and let the older things be as fresh as ever so that we will not miss other wonders produced by the sun, moon and the sea and hundreds of birds and their songs… and other beauties of nature including the man-made beauties!

Blue Umbrella

It was blue all over! East or West, north or South; not merely dominating but snatching their share equally and fully! “Yeah, it is for you guys who curse us for being cloudy or sunny to the core. So, enjoy it without cursing us for being what we are or what we are not. You may ignore us but not yours kids! So, wait for their reactions… Here they are. “Daddy, it is a blue tent”. “Mom, here is a huge Umbrella”. “A blue one, so big!” “Uncle, what happened to those white and red colours?”

Anyway, when nature is free from rain or summer showers, the sky is invariably darkish white or playing hide and seek. Right now, it looks like a huge blue umbrella!

When you are lazy!

To be or not to be … That’s the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to drag on in my own insipid way or to take arms against all lame excuses to drag on and on?

It is still there… the bone-chilling weather and a lazy mind! Anyway, before taking the pen and paper, I went to the kitchen to prepare my favorite coffee and said to myself, “feel the aroma, and sip, sip, sip!” wow!

I picked up the day’s Newspaper and started reading. Thank god! Most of the news items were as dull as ever and I laid the papers down and took out an old magazine… and went through the Joke-Column for a while and stopped writing. If winter comes can summer be far behind!

Quotable quotes

At times, when my mind resists my temptation to write something interesting, I go through those quotable quotes in my Diaries. So, here are a few such items.
(1) “Children behold the chimpanzee
He sits on the ancestral tree
from which we sprang in ages gone.
I am glad we sprang; had we held on
we might, for ought that I can say
Be horrid chimpanzees today”

(2) “God loves an idle rainbow
no less than laboring seas”

(3) “obstinacy is the result of the will forcing into the place of intellect”

Oh, here comes more! :

(4) “Night conceals a world but reveals a universe”

Is change of weather round the corner?

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? With my limited knowledge of weather conditions in different countries I don’t know whether it is a mid-summer or fall or whatever it is, right now. In some parts of India, the change of weather could be predicted without much strain, though it is hide and seek during rainy season.
Anyway, what prompted me to write about this matter is the sudden change of color of leaves, in some trees, which were green to the core till the other day!
As far as this part of North America (Vancouver) is concerned, summer is a reigning supreme and sun bids good bye only after 10pm!

The summer is here again!

Ooty it slowly getting back to normal what could be that? Yeah, I got it! Steady flow of cars and buses has become quite normal and a bit vexing! Even as I was wondering whether my calculation was wrong, I saw it! I mean, the Race Course, which till the other day, looked like an abandoned play ground or something. But right now, it has recaptured one of Ooty’s glamours! A few horses were moving here and there and the race course seemed to welcome the tourists and the local addicts with its posh look! And at about 3pm, there was one more show… The heavy rain, which lasted for about half and hour!

Singer, not the song!

“A beautiful evening during Fall when leaves were shedding at will and the Sun looked as smart!… I saw her!”, a few lines from a movie song which inspired me. I was scratching my hair, trying to recall a few lines from a similar song. Yes, I looked here and there to know whether I was alone in that park. Yes, there was no body, though a few squirrels were running here and there. I got it! Here are those lines;
“She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies. All that is best of dark and blue meet in her eyes and aspects. I kept on recalling such songs even as I was enjoying the evening walk. But, somehow or other, a latest news, not so pleasant crossed my mind and spoiled my mood, it was about a misunderstanding between a song writer and a singer. The former was in a bad mood when he criticized the singer. Anyway, the answer in my mind was, ‘Singer, not the Song!’

Some relief indeed!

Too many rules and regulations haunt the people almost daily and the people unable to resist them, accept such rules unwillingly. The authorities concerned exhibit their power by various means with a view to irritating the people, specially, the senior citizens who, on such occasions, come out with their routine, “ in the good old days…” Anyway, they get some relief from the 6 PM to 9 PM T.V. shows (serials or stand –up comedies which are available on most of the TV channels in different languages (Even in English, though the comedians have to be a bit careful in order not to offend those who watch them. Minor irritations are welcome but it should not cross the limits! Anyway, the people have a sense of humor and put up with such things so that they won’t miss several other jokes. Senior citizens heave a sigh of relief when they watch funny things because it helps them forget the effects of the tough rules and regulations off and on.