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Serials all the way

Watching a couple of programs, mostly T.V. serials has become an unavoidable habit. At times, I used to wonder why I should waste my time on these serials but when I think about these serials or certain interesting programs what comes to my mind is the fact that these programs in hundreds of channels are encouraging the youngsters to participate in any of these programs and earn enough money for their livelihood or to enter the mega world of movies. Another important fact is that most of the serials are between 6 pm and 10 pm and even the slum dwellers can spend their time usefully!

Beware of super stars!

Politics seems to have become one of the most sought after professions in India, especially at state-level it has undergone a sea change in most states, resulting in the birth of several new parties so as to accommodate new hands crossing over to any party.

Policies of the good old Parties face several problems because the new-born smaller parties are making tall promises to the village people who face so many problems because of natural calamities or some other reasons but they totally believe that smaller parties would solve their problems. People, in general, believe that most of the difficulties faced by them are owing to the failure of bigger parties which are in power.

When a state is getting ready for general election the main parties seek the support of the newly retired super stars of the movies who are ready to start a new party so that they can dream of occupying the “Big chair” if they win!

Let us wait and see!

Old and Modern

Old is gold! But certain modern developments are equally fantastic! But as far as festivals in India are concerned there is nothing to beat the old-world charm – the simplicity, the humble but attractive appearance of the old and young are unbeatable. But when we admire the old world charm, we have to appreciate the ability of the modern film industry for capturing the good old world to such an extent that we shed tears of joy every time we watch certain scenes and devotional songs, as if we are also the participants!

Less demands, more comforts!

While many of the national parties in India are at the mercy of regional parties, the ruling parties at the center are taking advantage of the rift in regional politics to withstand several demands put forward by farmers or employees. At times, the demands are such that if accepted, it would land the government in a financial mess.
Much different from these “demand seekers” in India are the petty shop keepers who have their shops in every nook and corner and they are satisfied by the meagre incomes or rather profits and never approach any political parties or politicians for their survival. Maybe, they are not tortured by self-pity!

Job opportunities

Gone are the days when job seekers had limited options, mostly based on their qualifications. Most of them opted for government jobs in view of job security. Those aiming at jobs in private companies were assured of better salaries but they had to work beyond the office hours. Anyway, money weighed more than ‘leisure’!

But, with the arrival of “I.T. giant”, the technically-qualified youngsters, mostly women, made a bee-line for such jobs which also helped, them to cross the boundaries!

Now, the youngsters have discovered a new world which helps them to appear in different “Roles” to keep audience in good humour. Of course, it is another version of movies but each one, goes on and on for hundreds of episodes. Anyway, they have to be super stars!

Invigorating songs

“My eyes were wide open. Yet I saw a dream… all because of you.” One of my favorite movie songs was on the air and I crossed over to the other side of the busy road and positioned myself close to a shop which sells items connected with songs and movies.

All my irritations paled into thin air as I was enjoying the song. Soon I found myself in a “To be or not to be” situation. The next song was also good but it got submerged in the noise of a heavily loaded lorry. It was green signal to leave the place towards the provision shop and I finished that job quickly and moved on. May be because of that invigorating song, I did not feel tried as usual and skipped the auto rickshaw and walked all the way to my house. Indeed I could save some money.

United, we stand: Divided, we fall

India is a land of festivals and we witness immense variety of such festivals all though the year but most of these festivals are connected to some religions, castes or regions, though the way such festivals are celebrated has something common about them. Of course, the ‘style’ of these festivals differ from religion to religion.

Fortunately, we have two festivals (Republic Day and Independence Day) which are common to all and celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm. But there are people who get some sadistic pleasure by highlighting communal clashes through some mini-movies on TV. And, there are some politicians who divert people’s attention by making some unpleasant comments when the people are celebrating the national festivals.

Old order changeth…

The golden era of certain Indian movies seem to have come to an end. Of course some popular movie songs and certain interesting scenes keep attracting the audience but not the stories as such.
Certain popular actors leave an indelible mark on the screen and the new comers try to repeat such stories and the viewers won’t have to wait till the end or even the middle! The hero is, invariably a disobedient son of a disciplinarian who has a soft corner for the hero’s younger brother who is studious and obedient and appears to be the saviour of the family till the hero springs a pleasant surprise… A smart good looking girl falls for the hero knowing very well that he is a “gang-leader”.

Arise, Awake…

Wither India? Or rather, is India suffering from an overdose of democracy? Maybe, some sadistic news channels are creating such an impression by highlighting the day-to-day demonstrations in and out of assemblies and parliaments with an eye on next elections.
On top of these petty quarrels, the fate of India’s most favorite game (cricket) is in a dreadful condition with some star players like Virat Kohli [he has just one innings left to prove his mettle] seem too be more interesting in playing some eye-catching roles in TV Ads. May be, some really talented players are knocking at the door.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

“Traitor, Traitor…” Venu kept on shouting those words when he woke up at mid night after a horrible dream. “Ten years have passed, ten summers with the length of ten long winters… again my stupid mind refuses to admit my own selfishness and utter a word in praise of Revi, my best friend and classmate.” During his college days Venu won several prizes on annual competitions and his only rival was Revi, his best friend who withdrew from several competitions at the eleventh hour so as to make each competition a cake walk for Venu. In spite of such sacrifices Venu was sore with Revi for participating in just one speech competition in which Revi got the first prize.
Habits die hard. Venu is in a similar situation yet again. He is the manager of a private company and is in love with one of his subordinates, Miss Vimala. She is good looking but a workaholic with an eye on promotion. He is in a dilemma because he cannot approach her directly since he happens to be her boss. His only hope is his roommate and friend Sasi who has been entrusted with a tricky job of falling in love with her and letting her down at the opportune moment so that he can pretend to be sympathetic to her and…
But the inordinate delay on the part of Sasi in abandoning her made Venu suspicious of his friend’s role and that shocking dream had something to do with his present condition as well! Of course, these things happen only in our movies!