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Back again!

“Rain rain, go away come again another day…” The rain seemed to respond favorably to this prayer from all and sundry. By 6 ‘o’ clock in the evening, the rain was back to the pavilion but dark clouds were still there, may be waiting for a strong wind to carry them to some other destination where they could spend the night, undisturbed by such prayers! Anyway, we heaved a sigh of relief.
When we woke up the next morning, all our hopes vanished into thin air. The rain, accompanied by dark clouds was back again with a song, “I missed you guys, I missed you guys. Nice to meet you again.” It could be friendly warning that your prayers won’t work this morning.
The inconvenience, notwithstanding, the rain has its own charm and when it is not too harsh, its presence is ideal for window shopping.

Though the democracies the world over have distanced themselves from the worn out definition: “By the people, of the people and for the people,” every party knows how to brand some people, no matter how well-off they are, as “poor and downtrodden”. They, in turn, corner a large chunk of benefits under the garb of “poor and downtrodden”. On the eve of general elections, the ruling parties are at the receiving end, mainly because the main opposition parties come out with a list of unfulfilled promises or price hikes of certain items for which no one in the country could be held responsible.

Most of the political parties act in a unique way when they are in opposition and struggle when they are in power, to overcome several stumbling blocks created by themselves.

Since all these problems are the result of reckless promises or baseless criticisms, we need a new force of patriotic intellectuals who are apolitical and watchful, to tell the common man the consequences of reckless promises and baseless criticisms made by the politicians to capture power. Politicians who mislead the innocent people whenever there is a price hike, especially petroleum products, should be exposed so that they won’t take advantage of such problems. The victory or defeat of all political parties must solely be based on their basic policies and performance.

Afforestation, need of the hour

With sky scrapers in every nook and corner and lines of single and double storey buildings in between, and a steady flow of cars and buses along the wide main roads and the connecting subways which run criss-cross, Vancouver is as big as any modern city. But, one also gets a glimpse of what is in store for those who would like to spend an hour or two in the evening, completely free from the din and bustle of the city. Such people won’t be disappointed, for there are parks here and there as one proceeds aimlessly along the subways… they look more like mini forests rather than parks. The environment in these ‘mini forests’ are such that it takes you back to the distant past when human beings lived in forests, fully focused on a life style which would protect them from wild animals. Their priority was of course, food, shelter and clothing and towards this end, they began to expand and own the lands occupied by them and, as we all know, their lifestyle changed beyond recognition. In due course, forests were few and far between. Trees gave way to buildings, buildings all over. But still, the life styles of their ancestors kept on haunting them and the result was parks and afforestation! May this spirit take root all over the world.

Peaceful co-existence

I was half asleep when I saw the “full moon”. But, in a jiffy I became alert and asked myself, “full moon on a new moon day?”. The bus in which I was travelling took a U turn and the moon or sun disappeared from the scene. What I saw was a setting sun which I looked smaller or rather, just as big as a full moon! The Why and How about the unusual size of the sun had something to do with Netherlands where I had been recently for a month.

On bright and sunny days, rare though, Netherlands like any other European countries is pleasant and glamorous and one is tempted to go out for a walk, enjoying the beauty of canals across meadows and trees. A wide variety of birds ranging from wild ducks to pigeons could be seen here and there, but some of them see us as intruders and make strange sounds to warn us!

The country has all the ultra-modern facilities but not at the expense of old world charms. They have art galleries and museums and gigantic gardens.

An interesting incident took place while I was chatting with my folks over a cup of coffee at a restaurant. A young lady who introduced herself as a journalist asked us several interesting questions about our visit to Netherlands and what impressed us the most. She made us so comfortable and happy that we felt that this was one of the interesting parts of our visit to the Netherlands.