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Rain or shine?

It looked like a 5day match. The team SunnyDay was at its best even as the opposition CloudyDay was making it difficult for the SunnyDay batsmen to pile up a huge total.
The Day 2 was fully dominated by cloudy days with the support of cold winds and occasional drizzles that forced the crowd to go home and the teams to the “Dressing Room!”

Cricket continues to be the most favorite game of seven or eight countries. At the top were England and Australia till West Indies became a force to reckon with. Meanwhile, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa were vying with one another to be one among the top. Wonder kids like Sachin began to appear now and then. The birth of ODI made the game more exciting. In Indian, cricket ensures the unity of the country to a great extent!
But, with the advent of T20 and certain new rules and regulations, the game became commercial, and resembles a “Net Practice” and batsman’s paradise (at the expense of bowlers). Anyway, it is heard that steps are being initiated to recapture some of the glories of the good old days.


“Oh, a cheeky single…. sachin just managed to cross over before the ball hit the stumps”. Sachin was just four short of his century and there was one over left before stumps. The bus in which we were travelling entered the Mettupalayam bus stand.I hurried to the nearby Teashop to watch those exciting moments. there was a huge crowd in front of the tea shop but i managed to position myself n such a way as to get a clear view of the screen. Sachin ignored the singles and twos and there were just two bowls left. When he hit the fifth ball of the last over, the focus was on the ball. A fielder dived to stop it but …! oh, Lord, it crossed the boundary. That was one of his umpteen centuries!The conductor of the bus patted me on the shoulder and jokingly said, ” So, shall we go?” The man who carried a transistor with him switched it off and followed us.

There have been such anxious moments on several occasions when he kept on piling up runs and breaking the records of several top class batsmen.He became a role model and many of his followers managed to find their way into Indian team.

Sachin became nervous at times, not because he was out- of-form on certain occasions but he was unable to live upto the expectations of his fans.

I was so upset when I heard the other day that he was bidding good- bye to ODI. The only consolation is that he will keep playing in 5- day matches. I have great respect for other players but Sachin is Sachin.

The one and only Sachin

I dedicate this to Sachin Tendulkar. Right now, I am not bothered about the fate of the first test against South Africa or other details pertaining to this match. I could watch only the highlights of this match and when the news reader said that Sachin was on his way to his 50th century in 5-day matches, I became nervous and switched off the TV for a while but when I switched on, I could see Sachin lifting his bat; simultaneously I could also see a broad smile on the news reader’s face. Yeah, Sachin has reached the much-awaited mile stone….His half-century of centuries! ,incidentally at the centurion ground.  Nearly 15 years ago, an expert predicted, “at this rate, Tendulkar would score 82 centuries [ODI + 5 day matches] which seemed fantastic prediction. But Sachin’s contribution far outweighed this prediction, for he is on the verge of 100 centuries. Hats off to Sachin.

CWG 2010

Jai ho! A smart chap from Trivandrum woke me up from my slumber. It’s round the corner. No, no, it’s up there… all set for ‘on your march, get set go’. Let the pessimists and mischief makers go to hell. But still! Don’t be in a hurry. May be you are thinking of weight lifting or 100 meters dash or a host of such things and India’s chances.

The much awaited common wealth games had to overcome several obstacles but on day one, the best of India were on display. East, west, north or south, Indian classical dances and songs have many things in common, though the styles may be a bit different… there is something divine about them.

Yes, even as we look forward to a few gold medals, we should also focus on our hospitality.