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Progress on all fronts

The present happenings in a country soon becomes the history of that country. In certain countries the recent history may have striking similarities with the past but very often it is just a part and parcel of ‘old habits die hard.’
In many cases, especially in democratic countries, it is invariably on again and off again when it comes to new rules and regulations. As far as India is concerned, several years after independence all developments have something to do with the policies of political parties which have very little to do with the progress of the nation as a whole. What’s funny about the elections in general is that most of the capable leaders are interested only in regional matters and it badly affects the progress of the nation in general thereby making the country lag behind some super power which have inspired youngsters.
Regionalism is OK to some extent but the nation needs progress on all fronts.

To Live in a Broad World

“Unity in diversity” is a noble cause which deserves utmost respect and attention especially at a time when separatism raises its ugly head in various parts of the world in the name of different faiths or policies or languages.

One major cause of separatism is egoism or rather an undue love for one’s language or caste or religion which force such people to isolate themselves from the rest or to boss over those who are different!. What these people fail to understand is that while separatism may bring about temporary pleasure they may find themselves in a narrow and dull world.

On the other hand, those who are in favor of unity in diversity have ample opportunity to mingle with people belonging to different castes, religious or living in any linguistic states.

They are also at liberty to live in any corner of their country, thereby finding themselves in a world free from petty quarrels.

Unity in Diversity! [FDI]

You have dumped several items into the trolley and you try to recall some of the important ones while proceeding to the cash counter; “sambar powder, idly powder, mango pickles, raw rice, curry masala, coconut… pooja items.. yeah, camphor, betal leaves…”.  Then place them one by one the desk.  The owner’s fingers dance on the calculator and he says”50 Dollars” and adds “Madam, the other day you asked for Toor dal and Tamarind… it’s there”.  You pick them up from one of the shelves and he collects 58 dollars.

As you are getting ready to leave that store, the gentle man at the counter asks, “would you like to hire a taxi cab?.

“Yes, tell him to take us to that  vegetarian restaurant… we will have our supper there.

The taxi wallah drops you at the said restaurant and collects 10 dollars.  The waiter put the menu card on the table..   You choose idly-sambar, ghee roast and coffee and in ten minutes, they are on the table.  And, as soon as you wash your hands after eating these delicious items, you get a bill for 29 dollars.  You pay 30 dollars and leave the place.

By now, it is clear you are some where in North America.  Even if you are somewhere  in Europe, you have all these facilities now-a-days.  There are Indian stores in all these foreign countries.

My question is, when Indian stores and restaurants, selling Indian goods and dishes are there in almost all countries, why are some people in India {specially, politicians} so upset when foreign retail shops are permitted to function in Indian markets?  Is it just a habit of saying ‘No’ to anything that comes from the ruling party?  When it comes to opposing the government policy there is remarkable unity among opposition parties!.

A (pictoral) ode to Saint Valentine

Ode to Saint Valentine

Wanted: A new approach

Unrest here, unrest there; from time immemorial it has been so and it will be so, as long as trouble makers outweigh trouble shooters. If a country is democratic, it has to abide by a plethora of freedoms which often result in utter chaos and confusions. Parliament and state assemblies witness ‘sit in strikes’ ‘walk outs’ allegations and what not. But, in spite of these negative qualities, democracy is the best form of government because the wind of freedom blows away any tendency to suppress the rights of the people. [Freedom should not degenerate into license].

Then, we have the so-called democracies which have all the ingredients of democracy but are at the mercy of fundamentalists who poke their noses into the lifestyles of men and women. They fully exploit the inventions of science and technology but would not permit the youngsters to join the mainstream.

The countries which are under dictatorship may appear to be free from any troubles but the invisible anger and dissatisfaction of the people could erupt any time. Benevolent despotism could be much better in such countries.

The real threat to universal peace comes from some youngsters the world over who are under the influence of political extremists who cash in on poverty. The only solution to these problems lies in the hands of UNO and other international organizations; and the focus should be on value based education. Efforts must be made to develop aesthetic sense in children and also love and affection for fellow beings even as they are enabled to keep pace with science and technology.