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To Live in a Broad World

“Unity in diversity” is a noble cause which deserves utmost respect and attention especially at a time when separatism raises its ugly head in various parts of the world in the name of different faiths or policies or languages. One major cause of separatism is egoism or rather an undue love for one’s language or …

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Unity in Diversity! [FDI]

You have dumped several items into the trolley and you try to recall some of the important ones while proceeding to the cash counter; “sambar powder, idly powder, mango pickles, raw rice, curry masala, coconut… pooja items.. yeah, camphor, betal leaves…”.  Then place them one by one the desk.  The owner’s fingers dance on the …

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Wanted: A new approach

Unrest here, unrest there; from time immemorial it has been so and it will be so, as long as trouble makers outweigh trouble shooters. If a country is democratic, it has to abide by a plethora of freedoms which often result in utter chaos and confusions. Parliament and state assemblies witness ‘sit in strikes’ ‘walk …