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Old and Modern

Old is gold! But certain modern developments are equally fantastic! But as far as festivals in India are concerned there is nothing to beat the old-world charm – the simplicity, the humble but attractive appearance of the old and young are unbeatable. But when we admire the old world charm, we have to appreciate the ability of the modern film industry for capturing the good old world to such an extent that we shed tears of joy every time we watch certain scenes and devotional songs, as if we are also the participants!

Less demands, more comforts!

While many of the national parties in India are at the mercy of regional parties, the ruling parties at the center are taking advantage of the rift in regional politics to withstand several demands put forward by farmers or employees. At times, the demands are such that if accepted, it would land the government in a financial mess.
Much different from these “demand seekers” in India are the petty shop keepers who have their shops in every nook and corner and they are satisfied by the meagre incomes or rather profits and never approach any political parties or politicians for their survival. Maybe, they are not tortured by self-pity!

Hats off to TV!

You have immense source of belief from boredom and you don’t have to wait till your favorite items are active! Even voracious readers have limits and naturally, they look forward to programs dominated by the so-called intellectuals! As far as TV programs are concerned, serials running into thousands of episodes capture the attention of old and young and home makers who are prepared to give up anything for this item!
Then comes the weekly items like “You or me?”, dominated by youngsters and the TV anchorman. This program touches upon various subjects associated with education, freedom of expression and so on and one gets irritated when these participants are obsessed with their rights caste-wise or otherwise!, paying little attention to their ability to overcome hurdles. Anyway, TV programs do capture the attention of the dullest persons! Even certain TV advertisements are equally interesting, especially to kids!

Have some patience, man!

After a prolonged, “Hide and Seek”, right from early morning, the Sun seemed to lift the curtain for a while, much to the pleasure of some of us, who have been waiting for a breakthrough. Till then, nothing was visible in certain areas. :Have some patience an”, I said to myself but the long-awaited brightness was just a mirage! And a reminder too! Anyway, haven’t we looked forward to a rainy day during summer?

Early morning or late evening?

It was bright and sunny. But it was difficult to predict whether it was morning or evening… yesterday or today! Even the birds could not make their presence felt. There were some people on the road but it was difficult to say whether they were on evening walk or morning walk. Anyway, I had just woken up and praised myself for getting up very early in the morning. And, as usual, I was getting ready to prepare my morning coffee when some one, at home, burst into laughter, saying that I was in utter confusion! “It is just a couple of hours since you had your supper”, but it appeared that a casual dream had put me in utter confusion!
Morning, afternoon, midnight… or just a dream!
After a couple of days, I managed to overcome the confusion and decided to avoid afternoon naps and other stupid things. But whenever I found myself in such a position, I made it sure to say every now and then, “Jet lag, Jet lag!”, though I am yet to overcome my utter confusion!

Com na come, comnatti, go!

“Nothing to fear… That Dhulki is with her beloved little daughter…”

“Puny or Kuni… Her mother-in-law wants her to be in family way as many times as possible!”
Just then a middle-aged man appeared with a couple of big bags but the above mentioned lady was talking to one of her friends over her mobile.
“Madam, I want 2kg of raw rice.”
She pointed her finger towards the ‘Big Shelf’ and resumed her mobile conversation –
He asked for something else and she now pointed to the left shelf… As he fumbled and asked for clarification, she confirmed, “yeah, middle…” Her one-word replies irritated him. He bought as many as 15 items but she hardly offered any help. Her answers were in her “mobile first” fashion!
I too had a couple of items which she picked up and tossed and I caught them without much trouble.
Meanwhile, the other customer was struggling to search for a couple of big bags and said, “Ma’am, Shall I put them here… I don’t have space in my big bag…” To which she quickly retorted, “Ok – or you go to dodda bedda… there may be enough space!”
Her husband appeared just then and scolded her but her reply was in her own style, “your mom is getting fatter and fatter – let us not waste money…” Her hubby said, “She wont come here to help you” and her answer was, “comna come, comenatti go!”