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“Old order changeth…”

The whole world has undergone a sea change and the credit goes to science and technology or rather, man’s curiosity such as “why the apple fell on the earth, instead of going high and high?”. Whatever it may be, history too plays an important role by going back and back to know how and when this wonder or that wonder occurred and kept on happening.
Then comes, the happy go lucky chaps like some of us who are not directly involved in science or history but are responsible for keeping the entire population happy according to his or her tastes which could vary from person to person.
Anyway, this world has to move on with the help of different types of human beings… oh, it is getting late;… Have your supper and go to sleep!

A TIRESOME Job, Indeed!

It has become quite normal these days for politician, Trade Unions and All and Sundry to resort to demonstrations in Protest against some politics of the ruling party or, for some benefits denied by the government in power. Invariably, it could be in the form of ‘Protest marches’ which could slow down day-to-day activities and cause great inconvenience to the people and small traders.

But, when it comes to occasional Hunger strike, people do sympathies with the participants, though we hear some funny things about such demonstrations like; “ They manage to have their food one by one, making sure that they are not noticed by the public.”

Of course most of the people refuse to believe such things, though what happened the other day, began to spread, much to the embarrassment of the participants, the ‘rumour’ goes like this:- An elderly person who was getting ready for his speech, a small food packet dropped from his hip pocket and it was noticed by all, much to the shame of all concerned!

Oh, you happy-go-lucky beings!

No runways for them. They just look around and take off, and in a jiffy, they reach their destinations. It could be on a tree or on the top of a building. Their job is done as soon as they contact their fellow-beings over “cellphone” hidden somewhere in their beaks. You too can guess what the message is – “no water, no water”. Suddenly, you see another one taking off and landing on another building and you hear its message- “Dash, its here, its here”. I too could follow the message, “ Tank, tank Jel” could it be in ‘Hindinglish’ for tank and water?” they too are caste–conscious because when they pass messages, the response comes only from the follow beings. Some of us, to be frank still believe in feeding the birds of variant colours and sizes early in the morning but at the same time, we destroy their shelters (trees). Anyway, we the human beings love the birds, though it is thus far and no further for most of us. We used to worship some kinds of birds. Immortal lines of poets like Wordsworth, Keats and Shelly cross our minds whenever we see these charming birds. Of cuckoo, shall I call you a bird or but a wandering voice?

Just a few bucks… but!

“Paper, paper…”, it is a familiar sound which one hears once in a week. Now-a-days, we hear it only once in a month. He was the one who used to cover our area to collect old Newspapers once in a week or a month.

Now-a-days, he appears only once in two months. There were piles of old Newspapers in my house and I was waiting for his arrival to sell them enmass. The price of Rs. 15 per kg was quite acceptable and after a gap of three months, I ‘invited’ the chap to my house and he was very glad was when I called him. I brought out the entire collection of old Newspapers and he was very happy to weigh them as soon as he was ready for it. In fact, I heaved a Sigh of relief because the room in which I kept the papers was full of old papers lying scattered all over.

After weighing the papers, he quoted the rate, “Sir, it is Rs. 30 per Kg” “I am really happy because, the rate used to be Rs. 20 per Kg. isn’t it?”, “Yeah, but in those days, I was buying the old ones but, of late, I am just helping you to keep your rooms clean- so, you are the person who should give the amount quoted by me”.

“Get lost”, I said and went in.

Quotable Quotes

Sometimes when I feel bored, I take shelter in my “library”, not necessarily to read a book but just to turn the pages of my old Dairies in which I would have written some quotable quotes. Here is one of them under the title, “The chimpanzee,

“Children behold the chimpanzee

He sits on the ancestral tree

From which we sprang in ages gone

I am glad we sprang: had we held on

We might for aught that I can say

Be horrid chimpanzees today”

The other day, there lay on the floor of my bed room an old worn out newspaper… just a piece of it, I was about to throw it away but to my surprise, there was an article, under the title “ A poem for your soul”. It was an article about a poetess whose style was strange but interesting. The poem was just two lines long.

“there are feelings you haven’t felt yet

I gave them time, they are almost there”

It seems this poetess become famous…
But how?… I don’t know

If winter comes…

After my post lunch cat nap, I looked around and said, “It is bright and Sunny’. Soon I was forced to ask myself, “Are’nt you shivering Head to foot?”. I was not prepared for an answer to this lethargic question but I gave a silent reply by going to the kitchen to prepare the mood-changing coffee and in a jiffy, I was back to form, singing my favorite song (a few lines indeed): “if winter comes, can spring be far behind:”

Then after ten minutes or so, I heard some passers-by talking about the possibility of a rain in a couple of hours. “shit:, I shouted and turned around to have a look at the sky and said “od, the black cloud and the sunshine are playing hide and seek. Let me put on my warm cloth and get ready to watch the T.V. Serials!”