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Beware of super stars!

Politics seems to have become one of the most sought after professions in India, especially at state-level it has undergone a sea change in most states, resulting in the birth of several new parties so as to accommodate new hands crossing over to any party.

Policies of the good old Parties face several problems because the new-born smaller parties are making tall promises to the village people who face so many problems because of natural calamities or some other reasons but they totally believe that smaller parties would solve their problems. People, in general, believe that most of the difficulties faced by them are owing to the failure of bigger parties which are in power.

When a state is getting ready for general election the main parties seek the support of the newly retired super stars of the movies who are ready to start a new party so that they can dream of occupying the “Big chair” if they win!

Let us wait and see!

Old and Modern

Old is gold! But certain modern developments are equally fantastic! But as far as festivals in India are concerned there is nothing to beat the old-world charm – the simplicity, the humble but attractive appearance of the old and young are unbeatable. But when we admire the old world charm, we have to appreciate the ability of the modern film industry for capturing the good old world to such an extent that we shed tears of joy every time we watch certain scenes and devotional songs, as if we are also the participants!

Singer, not the song!

“A beautiful evening during Fall when leaves were shedding at will and the Sun looked as smart!… I saw her!”, a few lines from a movie song which inspired me. I was scratching my hair, trying to recall a few lines from a similar song. Yes, I looked here and there to know whether I was alone in that park. Yes, there was no body, though a few squirrels were running here and there. I got it! Here are those lines;
“She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies. All that is best of dark and blue meet in her eyes and aspects. I kept on recalling such songs even as I was enjoying the evening walk. But, somehow or other, a latest news, not so pleasant crossed my mind and spoiled my mood, it was about a misunderstanding between a song writer and a singer. The former was in a bad mood when he criticized the singer. Anyway, the answer in my mind was, ‘Singer, not the Song!’

Old order changeth…

The golden era of certain Indian movies seem to have come to an end. Of course some popular movie songs and certain interesting scenes keep attracting the audience but not the stories as such.
Certain popular actors leave an indelible mark on the screen and the new comers try to repeat such stories and the viewers won’t have to wait till the end or even the middle! The hero is, invariably a disobedient son of a disciplinarian who has a soft corner for the hero’s younger brother who is studious and obedient and appears to be the saviour of the family till the hero springs a pleasant surprise… A smart good looking girl falls for the hero knowing very well that he is a “gang-leader”.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

“Traitor, Traitor…” Venu kept on shouting those words when he woke up at mid night after a horrible dream. “Ten years have passed, ten summers with the length of ten long winters… again my stupid mind refuses to admit my own selfishness and utter a word in praise of Revi, my best friend and classmate.” During his college days Venu won several prizes on annual competitions and his only rival was Revi, his best friend who withdrew from several competitions at the eleventh hour so as to make each competition a cake walk for Venu. In spite of such sacrifices Venu was sore with Revi for participating in just one speech competition in which Revi got the first prize.
Habits die hard. Venu is in a similar situation yet again. He is the manager of a private company and is in love with one of his subordinates, Miss Vimala. She is good looking but a workaholic with an eye on promotion. He is in a dilemma because he cannot approach her directly since he happens to be her boss. His only hope is his roommate and friend Sasi who has been entrusted with a tricky job of falling in love with her and letting her down at the opportune moment so that he can pretend to be sympathetic to her and…
But the inordinate delay on the part of Sasi in abandoning her made Venu suspicious of his friend’s role and that shocking dream had something to do with his present condition as well! Of course, these things happen only in our movies!

All in Moviestyle!

“You are all smiles.  What’s cooking?”,  The inquisitive old woman asked the teen age girl, next door.  “Nothing grandma”, the girl replied,  thinking that the old woman would leave it at that, but the old lady provoked her by saying,  “was it for nothing that chap brought all those fruits and flowers… that too on a silver plate?”.

The teenager seemed to be happy with that question and said, “grandma, I have made it clear to him that I see him only as a friend and he too treated me as his friend… but I don’t know why he… ”  Before she could complete the sentence, a ruffian who over heard this conversation shouted, “grandma, if that chap visits this place again, I will blow him to pieces”

I don’t know what happened afterwards but one thing was certain.  The youngsters in that slum area are the fans of some movie stars.  Their way of dressing, conversations and behavior were similar to what we see in the present-day movies!

Old order changeth, yielding place to new!

An Africa chimpanzee had escaped from a zoo in America. The security personnel were alerted and the officers were contacting one another to ascertain the whereabouts of the dangerous guy. At last, one of them spotted him, “I have spotted him. He looks dangerous…and smart too…dressed like humans!” Soon this message was passed on to some of his colleagues.

It was none other than a comedian who resembled a chimpanzee. The poor chap was eating a banana, monkey-style. Soon, he was caught by the security people. One of them contacted the head office to inform that the chimpanzee was under their custody and that he resembled the missing one 200 percent! The poor chap told them that he was an Indian….an actor. “Bollywood or Kollywood?” one of them asked. “Kollywood”, he said and began to dance to the tune of a couple of hit songs. The officers got inspired and danced with him. It was an opportune time for him to escape and he ran all the way to the beach, much to the delight of some young couples [They too thought he was a chimpanzee on prowl!]

People watch movies, Bollywood or Kollywood, from various angles depending on their preferences which range from action-packed or rural-based to song-filled movies or the ones in which their favorite stars and comedians are in action. There may be  dearth of new ideas but science and technology have developed to such an extent that new and old scenes or songs are blended so wonderfully these days to give you the thrill and fun of the two;…fusion or remix, whatever it may be. If you have no patience to watch the entire show, you may watch just the ones you like…the blended items!

Avoidable Squabbles

“Enough is enough”, Suchithra said to herself, succumbing to her own weakness. She put her resignation letter on MD’s table when the lady was in the conference hall. Suchithra was the private secretary of the MD, Ms. Deepa. Both were smart and knew each other well, but they were still a bit suspicious of each other for a different reason. Quite often Suchithra felt the lady was bossing over her. Anyway, she was badly in need of an alternative job and she kept sending applications to various firms. Soon, she realized it was not easy to get a job and she regretted her impatient decision to throw away the one she had. At last, she received an appointment letter for the same type of job, surprisingly, without any formal interview. But soon she was in for a mild shock and surprise. She was to work for none other than the very same boss! Miss Deepa too was in a hurry to quit her former job because of some problems created by her crazy brother. So, it was back to square one for both…

One expected a twist like this in the wake of the resignation of Suchithra but the mega serial disappointed the viewers by making the incident a submissive affair. Suchithra heaved a sigh of relief when one of the officers tore her resignation letter to pieces!

A (pictoral) ode to Saint Valentine

Ode to Saint Valentine

Our glamour boys, now in the waiting list!

Till the other day there were just five or six of them. All, good looking, and city based with thousands of fans who won’t leave any stones unturned to make their heroes invincible even if they fail to live upto expectations, at times. Appearing mostly in action packed movies, these heroes seem to possess supernatural powers when they fight. When they are riding a motorbike or driving a car, they would overtake the vehicles they chase even if they are miles ahead [at times the vehicles of the heroes take the aerial route!]Then comes the romantic scenes when they swing and dance with dames who capture the attention of the young and the old alike. Even if the movie is not as interesting as expected, certain spell-binding songs make up the lacunae.

Thus far and no further! A new trend is reigning supreme now. The city-based heroes are now in the waiting list! And so are the action packed movies. There are new faces galore; ordinary looking youngsters are making a bee-line to get an entry into the ‘old’ world. Everything happens in some remote villages and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the rural areas. Of course, there are songs and fights but no supernatural performances. People seem to enjoy this new trend. How long will this trend continue? Will the former heroes stage a comeback? Let us wait and see!