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The King of Kings!

The sun was at ‘His’ best… All smiles and warm. One wondered whether ‘He’ was taking advantage of the “cycle gap” between dark clouds which have been active all along. Anyway, ‘Whoever’ was powerful at that time, I was enjoying the warmth of the sun and tempted to go out for a brisk walk. Of course it was an aimless walk but the presence of the glorious evening sun tempted us to go on and on, unmindful of the possibility of a few showers.
Suddenly, I saw a bunch of birds landing on the roof of a building as if to tell their kids, “yeah, kids, it’s clear right now… The dark cloud are on the move…. His majesty is still there – favoring only his favorite colors…” The little birds seemed to say, “off we go!” as they took off!

Let us abide by the rules of the Nature!

The other day, it was a huge, multi colored arch, maybe the biggest rainbow I have ever seen but slowly it disappeared and the sky was all-set for a heavy down-pour, though what followed was a hide and seek!
This afternoon, the sky held a huge, wide-open black umbrella which was a clear indication that a heavy rain was on its way. But, when I looked at the sky after a cat nap, the sky was yet to get the green signal for a heavy downpour! Maybe sky derived some pleasure by snubbing the weather forecasters of the earth!
Anyway, the best way for us is to abide by the rules of the nature which has set apart seasonal changes and rely on our umbrellas, warm clothes or whatever is suitable for the occasion.