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Old fashion changeth, yielding place to new!

From footwear to dresses and hair style, or vehicels like cars and bikes, man’s craze for fashion and manufacturer’s willingness to live upto the taste of the buyers continue to dominate the business world! Of course the habit of introducing new fashions often laid the manufacturers and the fashion concious buyers in a dilemma… “to be or not to be” is the question or, “is it nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows” of fashion or to “take arms against ultramodern fashion”?
I still remember some interesting incidents connected with latest hair styles and fast changing fashionable dresses. One guy who was working as a cleaner in a workshop and eager to buy a couple of modern dresses for his own marriage, managed to buy two fashionable shirts and pants and expressed his happiness to the ire of some of his coworkers. But to his dismay, a couple of months before his marriage a new fashion in hairstyle and shirts began to spread thick and fast!. Another occassion was the return of an old fashion of a particular type of shirt and pants. The winner was an elderly person who could locate some long discarded shirts in his suitcase. The model of the shirt was in tune with the latest fashion!


When success knocks at your door and you are getting ready to give flesh and blood to your well-deserved and hard-earned reputation as one who overcomes all stumbling blocks, you may face some minor problems that may dishearten you.

On such occasions, instead of losing heart you have to recall other such occasions which you or individuals like you overcome without much effort or by resisting self pity which is our number one enemy. The word to remember on such occasions is “Jujubi”, created by the South Indian superstar Mr. Rajanikanth.

Positive thinking, the need of the hour.

“The world is too much with us… getting and spending, we lay waste our time.” Much water had flowed under the bridge since the above line were written but, while our precious times are wasted even now, there are some geniuses and talented ones who inspire the younger generation to come out with new discoveries to make this world a wonderland.
While the geniuses do what they must and the talented ones do only what they can, they both, nonetheless, contribute to our development, much unlike the negative elements who are more interested in quarreling and exploiting their own people in the name of politics or by using regional power.
Politics, of course, is vital for all democratic countries but the motive of all politicians should be the welfare of the people and growth on all fronts.