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Education: Top Priority in India!

Most of the states in India accord top priority to education and the response from the parents too, irrespective of their economic conditions, is equally encouraging.

The main reason, of course, is the incentives in the form of reservations, free books, “Noon Meals” etc. Girls too are equally enthusiastic and even out-shine the boys in public exams.

          What is more surprising is that most of the children are compelled to attend tuition classes in the evening, preferably between 6 PM and 8 PM. The parents do not mind spending some additional amount for these private tuitions because it will take care of the students’ performance in their regular classes at schools. Even the educated parents who are capable of helping their kids in their studies opt for private tuitions.

          Wait a minute please. Before you come to the conclusion that parents these days are very serious about their kids’ education, I must tell you that these seemingly anxious parents are more concerned about certain mega serials on TV between 6 PM and 8 PM. If the kids are at home during these precious hours they will switch over to comics and cartoons, which obviously will be a costly miss for the parents!


It is time Indians realized the meaning of the adage, “United we stand, divided we fall.” There are divisive forces in every nook and corner whose world is so small that they refuse to recognize the existence of any other language or culture. The leaders of these parochial parties have a hidden agenda and that is to become Chief Ministers or at least MLAs of tiny states which could be formed by making consistent and loud demands for bifurcation of the existing states.

Even the existing states, at times, are not seen as states within the republic of India but as independent countries especially when there are disputes between them.

If these separatists have some foothold in metropolitan cities, things have to happen according to their whims and fancies. They won’t permit the screening of certain movies or publication of certain books or even the issue of license or permits to taxi-drivers.

These people must realize the fact that their strength lies in the unity of the people of this great nation and this could be achieved only if there is tolerance, love and respect for other languages and people belonging to other regions of India, especially at a time when there is big threat to internal security from certain political and religious extremists.

Inflation..a blessing in disguise?

If winter comes……..

Winter is still sitting pretty on this hill station……….Ooty, as it is known. The Sky is spotlessly clean and the sun is on the rampage but there is an invisible tormentor who forces you to wear your warm clothes and the woolen caps.

But people here cannot wait till the winter packs off. Ooty needs a face-lift before the arrival of summer. At the race course, the workers are busy putting up temporary stables for the race horses. Women folks are taking care of the grass tracks.

The rose garden is getting the bridal attention. By April, it will be roses, roses all the way. The Botanical garden, the queen of gardens is getting the royal treatment. The big event is the annual flower show but if you really want to enjoy the serene atmosphere in the garden, it will be better if you go there a couple of weeks before the flower show.

Then you have the Boat House, Deer park and Dodda Betta, the highest peak in South India.

All said and done, the natives will feel the pinch of the purse during summer when the prices of all items will touch new heights.

India is one of the largest democracies in the world. Everything has been in tune with the well-known definition, “by the people, of the people and for the people” for over 3 decades since independence. By and large, people in those days reacted favorably to the policies of the government in power. If at all there were protests, they were free from violence and bloodshed. May be that was why the government could cope with food scarcity, price hike, communal flare ups etc.

Slowly but steadily, India could overcome all the difficulties. Food shortage soon became a thing of the past. The transformation from the import of food and other items to a position which enabled India to export these items was such a miracle that the third world countries began to look upon India as a role model. Education too received importance with the introduction of reservation for the socially and economically backward citizens.

Gone are those days. Politics has now become an overcrowded vehicle and the destination is, of course, power at any cost. Every other day a new party crops up seemingly aimed at safeguarding the interests of some castes or region but with the sole purpose of making its leader an MLA or an MP so that he could dictate terms to this alliance or that front when there is lack of the required majority. These smaller parties have no principles as such since they thrive on some problem or the other (mostly created by them). The result is violence and arson. The live telecast of these incidents adds fuel to the fire and troubles spread to the other areas as well. The venues of certain national or international events have to be shifted at short notice in order to ensure safety of the participants. Too many parties and the resultant coalition government and the opposition coalition who are busy conducting protest rallies every now and then can only land the nation in utter chaos and confusion.

If this kind of situation continues democracy will be replaced by ‘mobocracy’ and everything will come to a standstill. If the nation is to make any progress there must be absolute discipline and patriotism.