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A friend in need is a friend indeed

“Traitor, Traitor…” Venu kept on shouting those words when he woke up at mid night after a horrible dream. “Ten years have passed, ten summers with the length of ten long winters… again my stupid mind refuses to admit my own selfishness and utter a word in praise of Revi, my best friend and classmate.” During his college days Venu won several prizes on annual competitions and his only rival was Revi, his best friend who withdrew from several competitions at the eleventh hour so as to make each competition a cake walk for Venu. In spite of such sacrifices Venu was sore with Revi for participating in just one speech competition in which Revi got the first prize.
Habits die hard. Venu is in a similar situation yet again. He is the manager of a private company and is in love with one of his subordinates, Miss Vimala. She is good looking but a workaholic with an eye on promotion. He is in a dilemma because he cannot approach her directly since he happens to be her boss. His only hope is his roommate and friend Sasi who has been entrusted with a tricky job of falling in love with her and letting her down at the opportune moment so that he can pretend to be sympathetic to her and…
But the inordinate delay on the part of Sasi in abandoning her made Venu suspicious of his friend’s role and that shocking dream had something to do with his present condition as well! Of course, these things happen only in our movies!

If there is a will there is a way

Certain new developments in India give rise to ominous indications that democracy is slowly yielding place to mobocracy. Strikes, protests and violent demonstrations resulting in demolition of public properties have become the order of the day. Far exceeding the usual quotas of demands and protests from the opposition parties are the ones erupting from new political parties or organizations which outweigh the general impression, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
Creation of new states is one of the fancies which dominate the scene these days and, naturally, the unity and integrity of the nation is in danger. It is demands, demands all the way and there seems to be no space for duties entrusted to various groups.
On top of all these dangerous trends are the roles played by certain News channels which sideline achievements or some good steps initiated by political parties or other organizations and derive some sadistic pleasure from giving undue importance to violence and protests.
There may be umpteen parties to mislead the people but only a handful can give a clear picture of the situations. Let the major national parties criticize one another but let them join hands on issues of vital importance to save the nation from falling into the hands of regionalists and trouble makers.
Some regional parties (supposed to be atheists) are bent upon meddling with certain age-old practices in temples and if this trend is not nipped in the bud, we will be in for dreadful communal clashes.