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Our India, Our India!

Assuring that the Modi government will find a permanent solution to the unrest in Kashmir, the union Home Minister introduced a new slogan, “Kashmir is ours, Kashmiris are ours and Kashmiriyat is also ours”

To be a bit more pragmatic, one would suggest that the government should arrange a length journey by train from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for students so as to enable them to see India that is Bharath; So that the students will automatically fall in love with our beloved nation. Not just once, but frequently, not only for Kashmirs but to the students from other parts as well. The result will be fantastic! Soon, we may hear “Our India” Slogan from our students and youngsters!

Our own kith and kin!

Urbanization would have brought about “the richer than ever” look to towns which were not long ago, small and uncrowned (and beautiful too). Small, but spacious in the sense that most of the lands which were agricultural or just small playgrounds were the target of the business people and the building contractors.
I am not against developments which are essential to meet the basic needs of all people including the future generation but when it comes to construction of innumerable high rise buildings at the expenses of enchanting trees and plants and innumerable birds and several small animals and creatures which make our lives very interesting and healthy.
As such, why not we treat these wonderful beings as our own kith and kin?

Job opportunities

Gone are the days when job seekers had limited options, mostly based on their qualifications. Most of them opted for government jobs in view of job security. Those aiming at jobs in private companies were assured of better salaries but they had to work beyond the office hours. Anyway, money weighed more than ‘leisure’!

But, with the arrival of “I.T. giant”, the technically-qualified youngsters, mostly women, made a bee-line for such jobs which also helped, them to cross the boundaries!

Now, the youngsters have discovered a new world which helps them to appear in different “Roles” to keep audience in good humour. Of course, it is another version of movies but each one, goes on and on for hundreds of episodes. Anyway, they have to be super stars!