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That’s India

“How blessed I am!…. to be the mom of the omnipresent almighty!” I sat in front of the TV, spell -bound till the short commercial break. Meanwhile my mind took a flight to another venue, a temple town and I heard the very same song…. the song that settled the matter and bridged the gap….!
India may have several drawbacks but there is something unique about mother India, and that something is its diversity … diversity caused by languages and customs. Yet, beneath the waves and waves of diversity, there is a vast sea, serene and inspiring… reminding US of our common heritage. Our languages may differ and the customs too but when it comes to festivals and devotional songs, we have plenty of them which serve as a bridge between the past and the present.
So, even as we try to keep pace with the present and have an eye on the future, let us look back and draw inspiration from our rich past.

Who is copying whom?

No “cut, cut” or “take”  here.  The young man delivered his dialogue effortlessly and the old woman with whom he quarreled, was equally fluent.  The slangs used by them and their body language were also equally convincing.  The young man lost his temper when that woman kept on cursing his wife; and he pushed the old woman away and told his mother  who too was there, ” Let the bitch yell and curse, we’ll go now”.  His mother tried to pacify him, but he seemed to be adamant “No mom, she is jealous of valli (his wife).  Let that old woman call us names but she has no business to …..”.

We have seen such scenes in Indian movies but this one took place on a street close to a temple.  It was a real life incident which reminded  me of some movie scenes.  Incidentally, when we see such scenes in a movie, we are quite often reminded of  real life scenes which we come across, now and then.

The question is who is copying whom?  It could be 50-50.  youngsters and even the women may have some movie chaps in their minds when they create scenes! An actor or a director would have witnesses such scenes on streets and carried them over to the film world.

Any way, one is vying with the other!


“Thunder is rumbling in the air… on your march, get set..”  I cautioned my self.  Strange are the ways of nature.  It was just four or five minutes since I crossed over the upper road after taking a clear look at the western sky and the reddish sun in all its glory.  Any way, even if it rains, the rows of trees on both sides of the road would protect me! but the thunder was still fumbling in the sky though it was not preceded by lightning.

As I was moving fast along that upper road I came across one of my acquaintances but I did not stop to chat with him.  Yet, he was  bent upon having a few words, may be because we were  meeting each other after a long gap.  “you seem to be in a hurry?” he asked and I simply said, ” Yeah, it may rain”  “rain?” he asked me rather sarcastically.  Thunder was still rumbling  and I asked him “Don’t  you hear that ?”.  Just then we heard that long whistle of the 6pm Ooty-Mettupalayam train which was chugging along the narrow gauge.. the engine and the first compartment had already entered the first tunnel.

“So, that was your problem”, he said; again sarcastically yes, there was not much difference between thunder in the distant sky and the sound produced by that train.