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With houses coming up in every nook and corner and a handful of green-cald vacant lands counting ‘their’ days, one has to look at the distant hills and the sky above to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

I have certain chosen spots where I stand and look around and up to enjoy the evening sky and enchanting colours left by the sun. one such spot is close to a good old house, hail and healthy and surrounded by trees and plants decorated with flowers of attractive colours which make us spell – bound. Yes, the colours are one of the wonderful creations of the almighty or a gift, rather.

The otherday, while I was standing at the very same spot, immersed in the beauty of the nature, I told myself, “it is the colours of the nature which force us to stand and stare!” Just then I heard someone saying”, No, Not the yellow one…The one close to that red one” “you mean, the one behind the light brown ?” “yeah, the one next to the orange one”

I was a bit confused but soon realised that they were trying to spot out a house in a nearby valley where several new buildings are coming up. There were four or five of them including a young chap who seemed to enjoy the surroundings but when he said, “why do they leave the vacant lands? cant they build a new house for them or sell it off” I new that he was on the look for vacant spaces for construction of houses.

“When to the session of sweet silent thought, I summon up the remembrance of things past…. Whiter than show and as smooth as monumental alabaster… The waves beside them danced but they out-did the sparkling waves in glee… Long years ago, we made a tryst with destiny and the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge… If winter comes, can spring be far behind?…” While i was walking along my favourite route, watching the cloudy sky and the greeneries below, I was haunted by pieces from certain good old poems or speeches. All my efforts to concentrate on the enchanting surrounding failed miserably as memories were flooding back. Why? All because, I happened to read an article in an English daily about the plight of humanities in several universities in USA. The doors are wide open but the students make a bee-line to science and technology or other job-oriented studies. In India too, parents and elders advise the students to take up some job-oriented courses and ignore the humanities. Will not such a situation land them in a matter-of-fact world? Why not we have man Booker and things like that all over the world?