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A mutually acceptable solution please

Most of the states in India are facing some calamities, mostly seasonal and between neighboring states. Such problems are difficult to handle even by central government because the states stick to their stand, come what may!

The only remedy rests on the PM. Instead of leaving such problems at the mercy of CMs and opposition leaders, the PM should invite them to Delhi for a friendly chat with emphasis on a permanent solution and the need for creating a peaceful atmosphere in all states. A bold approach by the PM will definitely pave the way for a mutually acceptable solution.

Let us not succumb to pressure

“You are from?”


India?… Hats off!

While I was in Canada, certain people used to ask me such questions and when I say I am an Indian, some would exclaim “From Kashmir to Kanyakumari!… Multilingual!…” Yeah, I would reply and add, our National Anthem gives you an idea about our Country.

In spite of such a reputation it is unfortunate that some of our own people are thinking in terms of dividing the country or rather seeking a special status or a division.

Some recent incidents in India show that some political parties are encouraging the division…

Scandals, please!

As far as agriculture is concerned, bumper crops are few and far between but most of the states in India manage to overcome the shortage by making prompt and smart arrangements with surplus states. Not that they are sympathetic with the middle class people but to make sure that the opposition parties do not make capital out of shortage!
But newspapers and news channels have a wide range of incidents accompanied by photos of presidents or prime ministers or sports persons whom you admire! But what gets top priorities and photos that have something to do with scandals in which some leaders or officials are involved.
Whatever may be the types of such incidents what captures the attention of ordinary people are the scandals!

United, we stand…

Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There are certain political parties or some top leaders who are bent upon introducing new policies to bring about some major economic or political changes, hoping that they are taking the country to great heights.
Prima facie, it may appear that he is on a new path and under his leadership, the country can hope for great reforms and unprecedented success.
But, before long, the people will realize that the country is heading for a disaster.
In view of this, it will be of great help if some top leaders make it clear that the country won’t withstand such unnecessary changes, Let us hope for the best.

Less demands, more comforts!

While many of the national parties in India are at the mercy of regional parties, the ruling parties at the center are taking advantage of the rift in regional politics to withstand several demands put forward by farmers or employees. At times, the demands are such that if accepted, it would land the government in a financial mess.
Much different from these “demand seekers” in India are the petty shop keepers who have their shops in every nook and corner and they are satisfied by the meagre incomes or rather profits and never approach any political parties or politicians for their survival. Maybe, they are not tortured by self-pity!

“Water Wise”

Farmers in several states in India are in the grip of unavoidable problems, resulting from water scarcity. Inadequate seasonal rains could be one of the reasons for water scarcity. Then, there maybe man made reasons too.
Leading newspapers in India are providing the necessary information to overcome the problems to some extent. In short, one has to be “water wise”.
Though certain political parties are making some efforts to help the farmers, it should not be in the form of various types of protests but, by standing united to help the farmers without anticipating anything in return.

“Sundays” are here again!

Right from our childhood days, Sundays are seen as happy-go-lucky days for the kids and the middle aged, it used to be a great relief from “Home works” and other day to day ‘strains’ resulting from several expectations. By the way, for the middle-aged, the expectations from their kith and kin to enjoy the holidays result in spending beyond their limits!

But, gone are the days, when one had to wait till Sundays to relax and enjoy because, we have enough ‘holidays’ in the form of strikes and Lockouts, though the atmosphere is thick with Zindabadhs and Murdabadhs.

Silent revolutions

Those who are addicted to Newspapers, invariably skip most of the regional items (may be because they would have had a detailed version of such information through News channels every day.)

Anyway, we have to bear in mind that these reports which occupy some insignificant columns are worth reading because the matters covered in these columns are about certain silent revolutions which go beyond the usual welfare measures which are prone to the routine political demonstrations or protest of various kinds.

I too was about to skip such a news item, but when I read the report, I felt like praising the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development for introducing a scheme meant for promoting functional literacy among rural women.

Keep your distance from Politics, please!

The involvement of University students in politics may appear to be an unavoidable practice in view of certain unpleasant developments that distract their attention from studies: But the students must realize that most of the issues are on flimsy grounds prepared by certain political parties who are of the view that their survival depends to some extent on getting the support of students.

What the students have to realize is that what appears to be a Himalayan issue may just be as small as a steep road crossed without much effort in their part. Above all, most of the unpleasant issues could be solved without politicizing the matter. All of them should take a vow, “we can solve it ourselves… Bye, Bye”

A TIRESOME Job, Indeed!

It has become quite normal these days for politician, Trade Unions and All and Sundry to resort to demonstrations in Protest against some politics of the ruling party or, for some benefits denied by the government in power. Invariably, it could be in the form of ‘Protest marches’ which could slow down day-to-day activities and cause great inconvenience to the people and small traders.

But, when it comes to occasional Hunger strike, people do sympathies with the participants, though we hear some funny things about such demonstrations like; “ They manage to have their food one by one, making sure that they are not noticed by the public.”

Of course most of the people refuse to believe such things, though what happened the other day, began to spread, much to the embarrassment of the participants, the ‘rumour’ goes like this:- An elderly person who was getting ready for his speech, a small food packet dropped from his hip pocket and it was noticed by all, much to the shame of all concerned!