It was a Sunday morning,
Bright and sunny.
I was at liberty to go anywhere or
Sit and hope doing those sundry works.
But off I moved, letting
My legs to do the rest.
Summer was at its peak and
You can guess how hot it was.
There were no shades en route
Except the shadows of the building here or a wall there.
I was longing for some cool drinks
But all I could see was a petty tea shop
Something was better than nothing
And I opted for a cup of tea
Soon, things changed for better
Nature took pity on me and others like me
And she slowly openly her huge black umbrella.
In a jiffy the sun and blue sky disappeared
But there was message from nature
Sent through the thunder
“You have just 15 minutes to take shelter”.
I knew what it meant and turned around
And just when I reached home it began to rain heavily.
The plants and trees seemed to say
Thank you skies thank you skies.